Year 2 turn into a snowman!

Dec 2, 2020English, Latest News, Year 2

Christmas has arrived and Year 2 were so excited to explore our new English unit of work based on John Lewis’ Christmas advert from 2012 called the Longest Journey. It was made even more special by the fact that we were dressed in our festive clothes! 

Before re-telling the story of Mr Snowman in the first person, we made predictions as we watched the clip, pausing at important moments. Would he make it over the river? Would the mountain be too high for him to ckimb? Why did he go on such a long journey? Next, we thought about how Mr Snowman and other characters might feel at different points of the story, such as when he had to cross a treacherous river, when he was hiding from a busy highstreet and when he finally gave Mrs Snowman her Christmas gift. Take a look at our freeze frames! We then choose exciting vocabulary to describe the emotions of the characters, such as horrified, afraid, pleased, joyful, nervous, shocked and terrified. We thought that this was a brilliant Christmas story!