Year 2 add and subtract!

Dec 15, 2020Maths, Year 2

Year 2 have been working so hard on their addition and subtraction skills this half term! 


We began by adding 1-digit numbers and using our knowledge of number bonds to help us. Next, we learned how to add a 1-digit number crossing a ten, which meant that we had to understand why we ‘carry a 10.’ To do this, we used our base 10 equipment to represent our calculations. Once we were confident, we moved on to adding two 2-digit numbers! 


Next, it was time to do the inverse…subtraction! Year 2 were amazing and showed real determination when it came to subtracting with exchange! Again, our base 10 equipment came in very handy to explain what was happening when we ‘exchange a 10.’ We are really proud of their hard work!