Money work in Year 2

Jun 12, 2020Latest News, Maths, Year 2

Year 2 have been looking at all things money-related this week. We started with recapping the different coins and their values before showing that we could make different amounts of money, using different combinations of coins. For example, we could make 6p by 5p + 1 = 6p or 1p + 1p + 1p + 1p + 1p + 1p = 6p or 2p + 2p + 2p = 6p. Of course, our Year 2s made much larger amounts than that!

Next, we moved on to finding the total of different amounts of money. For this, we needed to use our column addition skills, which our Year 2 children are confident with! Most of the questions needed us to add values that were all in pence or all in pounds but some tricky challenges even included both pounds and pence!

Then, we mastered finding the difference and finding change. We needed to use subtraction skills here and it was another good chance to practise our column subtraction – especially column subtraction with borrowing.

Finally, we used coins to make some creative pictures! Once our pictures were complete, we worked out how much our pictures had ‘cost’ to make.

Well done, Year 2!