Care and Respect for All


Thought of the Week:

“What you leave behind is not what is engraved in stone monuments, but what is woven into the lives of others.”


Message From Mr Sutherland

Welcome back to Dunston Hill Community Primary School after the half-term break.  I hope that you had a lovely week with family and friends and that for some of you, it was a chance to reconnect a little in the midst of the busy lives we all lead.  We seem to have experienced the full range of what the weather has to offer in the United Kingdom over the last couple of weeks: two storms, wind and rain, freezing temperatures and bright sunshine, temperatures ranging from zero to 12 degrees and even snow!  Just a little reminder to make sure that your children are dressed appropriately for the weather when you send them into school.  We do try to let them have outdoor play whenever possible, as long as the rain is not heavy or the conditions unsafe.  Even 10 minutes outside can give the children a well-earned break from their studies and if there is a lull in the poor weather we are keen to take advantage of this, if only for a short while.  We have also been thinking about those in different parts of our country who have experienced catastrophic flooding, dangerously strong winds and power cuts.  I am conscious that many of us have relatives there and our thoughts are with them.

As a school, we continue to be guided by Public Health England as well as the Government and our local authority regarding the current coronavirus concerns worldwide.  We have sent information home for parents as we have received it and are placing information posters around the school and on our Facebook page.  Much of the advice is around basic hygiene and so we are reminding the children regularly about washing their hands after using the toilet as well as before eating.  Additional advice concerns using tissues when sneezing or coughing and disposing of them safely in a bin, washing your hands after you have done so.  We remain vigilant as a school and community to ensure that we play our part in minimising the spread of this virus and as we receive any updates we will of course pass them on to you.  Again, we think of those in our community with relatives and friends in other countries that are currently being the hardest hit.

I am very excited as I write today because next week I am spending the whole week with our Early Years children.  I have cleared my diary, (apart from a couple of meetings I have to attend), and will work alongside our wonderful staff in Nursery and both Reception Classes.  Often, particularly when you are non-class based in senior leadership, you can find yourself slightly removed from the day to day teaching and learning that brought you to this profession in the first place.  It is important, I believe, that from time to time I reconnect with children in the class right across the school; sometimes a brief drop-in to a lesson is not enough.  I will be spending time in all Key Stages as the year progresses, starting with Nursery on Monday morning.  The comments I have read from parents and carers on the last evaluations we collected have shown me how highly you value our staff and our provision and i am really excited to work with them.  I can’t wait to spend time with the children too and getting to know them a little better.  Just for clarification, I am there as a teacher to work alongside existing teaching staff and support staff who are very experienced and I will be directed by them – I am not there in an observational capacity as Headteacher.  So bring on the painting, water-based play, music, reading, writing and mathematics and everything else we cover every week!  Oh, and the mud!

Have a great week!

Whole School Information


Get Set for Sport Relief 2020 – Friday 13 March

We are taking part in sports relief this year and have many exciting activities planned for the children. They are invited to come into school in ‘sporty clothing’ on Friday 13 March. All our plans will be revealed soon but children will need their trainers on this day.


World Book Day 2020

To celebrate World Book Day on Thursday 5 March, we will be offering our children in Year 1 to Year 6 the chance to take part in a  range of exciting creative workshops based around a book. The children will sign up to two workshops allowing them to enjoy and experience two stories, poems or non fiction books with children from throughout the school. We ran this workshop style morning last year and the children and staff loved it!

Our Nursery and Reception children will do a similar creative morning in our Early years setting. In the afternoon our Year 5 children will come and share a story with our Reception children and those children who have siblings in afternoon Nursery will come and share a story with them.

The children are not to dress up on this day.  Keep your eyes peeled for updates on our Facebook page, website and newsletter on Friday 6 March.


Governor Ballot

Letters and ballot papers will be sent home with children on Monday for forthcoming Governor Ballot.


Carrier bags WANTED!

Please send into school any old carrier bags you no longer require to be used in our Forest School.  Thank you, Mrs Cox


Family Forest School

Unfortunately Mrs Cox is unable to run Family Forest School on Wednesday 4 March.


School Lunch

The menu for week commencing Monday 2 March is Week 2.  A reminder that as part of our Healthy Schools programme, we ask that children do not bring crisps, chocolate or fizzy drinks in their packed lunches.  Due to allergies, please ensure that no kiwi fruit or peanuts are brought into school, including in the form of Snickers or peanut butter sandwiches.  This is especially important to remember for children bringing in packed lunches or snacks.

Photo of the Week

Class News


This week’s Class News is from KS1…

A box of crayons, some broken, some long, some short and some without their wrappers was the hook into our new book, ‘The Day the Crayons Quit’.  This fantastic book is about a boy called Duncan who just wants to colour in but when he opens his box of crayons, he only finds letters all saying the same thing: We quit!

Beige is tired of playing second fiddle to Brown, Red never gets a break while Pink just wants to be used. Green is perfectly happy but Yellow and Orange have fallen out!

Our Year 2 children thoroughly enjoyed listening to this book and afterwards they used drama to show how some of the crayons felt. Their freeze frames were amazing and showed that they had a really good understanding of the crayon’s emotions. We are really looking forward to creating pieces of writing based on the book in the coming week.


Sporting News


KS1 Multi-Sports Festival

On Tuesday, 10 Year 2 children attended a KS1 Multi-Sports Festival at Gateshead Leisure Centre. The children enjoyed trying 7 different activities including Monkey Jungle Relay, Rabbit Hole Boccia, Hedgehog Bowls and Penguin Hockey. The children got to enjoy learning new skills, working as a team or competing against their class mates. All children said they had a fabulous time, with one of the children saying ‘I had a great time, especially learning how to pass a hockey ball safely to my friend.’


Swimming Gala

We are so excited to be taking our swim Team to South Shields next week for the County Finals. We wish them the best of look as they compete for the title against 16 other schools.


Our Headteacher Awards were presented today to the following children who have all impressed their respective class teacher:

RCH  Ava Thompson

RCY  Shea Bonner

1B  Aaron Riach

1T  Dexter Wilson-Byrne

2B  Lee Temple

2J   Katie Fleming

3C  Ruby Dunphy

3M  Tommy Willey

4C  Chloe Wear

4W Erin Sutton

5B Christopher Nelson

5O Paul Turnbull

6P Millie Blackburn

6R Abbie Rowland



School Attendance