Care and Respect for All


Thought of the Week:

“Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do than by the ones you did do, so throw off the bowlines, sail away from safe harbour, catch the trade winds in your sails.  Explore, dream, discover”

Mark Twain

Message From Mr Sutherland

I feel very proud and privileged to be able to walk round our wonderful school at the start of every day and be able to say “Morning!” to children, parents, carers and of course staff.  School always feels so positive, happy and friendly and I really believe that if we start the day in that frame of mind, that we will be better placed to tackle the challenges that come along every day.  I am also very grateful to those parents who have spoken to me on the yard about something that might be on their mind – a worry or concern perhaps or just some information – as I am often able to answer that query instantly or take action quickly to address it.  I see that as an important part of my job and very often, these things can be resolved very quickly.  So please don’t hesitate to let me know if there is anything I can help with and I promise to do my best to address it as quickly as I can.  Naturally, its also nice when parents come up to me to talk in positive terms about the school, the staff or how happy they are with the provision here.  For example, I have had lots of you talking about The Dunston Den recently and telling me how happy you are that we now have this in place.  It’s very early days and there is still lots of work to do but I know how much the children love it and want to be there at times during the day.  Don’t forget we are also building and creating our very own Sensory Room to run alongside and enhance this provision and we aim to have this completed shortly after half term so watch this space for more details soon.  This, together with our provision for sport, the arts and Health and Wellbeing that I wrote about recently illustrates, I hope, just how vital I consider the holistic education of our children to be.  In tandem with this we are introducing Yoga to parts of the school this year to support mindfulness and calm, and now have a whole year group learning how to play the ukulele as I believe the importance of music in children’s lives should never be underestimated.

We are four weeks into the autumn term already but school feels a really happy and productive place to be.  Please keep up to date with everything that is happening by reading our weekly newsletter, checking in on Facebook and viewing our website.  Thank you all for your continued support.

Have a great week!



Whole School Information



Staff in school have been working really hard with the children to improve our lunchtimes. We have shared our lunchtime rules with the children and are rewarding all the positive behaviour we see. All children are expected to sit at a table at lunch time to eat their meal with good table manners. For those children having a school lunch they must use a knife and fork. Some of our children find it a challenge to cut up their food and hold their utensils correctly.  If you can support us by practising at home this would be great. We have lots of lovely ideas to make our lunchtimes a calm and enjoyable experience for all children. We look forward to sharing with you some of the new special things we hope to introduce in the coming weeks. For now, though we want to embed our lunchtime rules which are:

1.   We line up calmly

2.   We walk carefully

3.   We speak quietly

4.   We keep our table clean

5.   We are polite to everyone

6.   We use good table manners


Pen Licence

Our pen licence policy in school has been reviewed, updated and clarified. For those who aren’t aware, children from Year 2 upwards can be awarded a pen when they can write in a fluent joined-up style. The pen licence is awarded as and when children reach the standard and demonstrate this consistently anytime between Year 2 and Year 4. We are aware that children progress with their handwriting at different stages and use daily handwriting sessions to learn and practise this skill. Once children commence in Year 5 we will acknowledge the children’s efforts with their handwriting all the way through school by ensuring that they are all awarded a pen as they are expected to write longer pieces and many find this easier with a pen.  We still encourage our children in Years 5 and 6 to develop a legible style and show that their handwriting continues to improve with a pen. In maths all children throughout school use pencil to enable them to do jottings and correct errors. We are very proud of our children’s efforts with handwriting and hope this incentive encourages the children to practise forming letters correctly and developing their joins at home too.


Tiny Tribes – Toddler Group

We are excited to announce we are starting our very own outdoor toddler group with our Family Support Worker Mrs Cox for families of children in our school. It will start on 0ctober 11 and will run every Friday 9am-10am. So, if you have a toddler who enjoys the outdoors, get them dressed in waterproof warm clothing and bring them along. Each session is £1 per family and will involve activities such as singing around the camp fire, mud pie making, den building and lots of other muddy fun activities. This is a chance for parents to play with their toddler and meet new people. There is no need to book, just come along each Friday, Parents and carers will need waterproofs and warm clothes too. Prepare to have some muddy fun – you will get dirty!


Dr Bike – a health and safety check of children’s bikes

Ben, our Biking Officer will be in school on the morning of Monday 7 October for children to bring their bikes in for a health check.


Macmillan Coffee Morning

A big thank you to those parents and carers who came along for coffee, cake and bingo and also to those who kindly sent in so many delicious biscuit and cake donations. We had a few cakes and biscuits left over from the morning so we placed them out in the yard at the end of the day to see if we could raise some extra money for this wonderful cause.  We will let you know the total amount raised next week.  


School Meals

The menu for week commencing Monday 30 September is Week 2.  A reminder that as part of our Healthy Schools programme, we ask that children do not bring crisps, chocolate or fizzy drinks in their packed lunches.  Due to allergies, please ensure that no kiwi fruit or peanuts  are brought into school, including in the form of snickers or peanut butter sandwiches.  This is especially important to remember for children bringing in packed lunches or snacks.  Thank you

There has been a change to the Cook’s Choice on Mondays lunch menu.  Pizza replaces the Cook’s Choice.

Week 1 – Margarita Pizza

Week 2 – Ham Pizza

Week 3 –  Chicken and Sweetcorn Pizza


Sporting News

Boys Football – 7-a-side Cup Final

Our Year 5/6 team played well last night at Ryton.  They played 3 games against Whickham St Mary”s, Ryton Juniors and Winlaton West Lane. 

In the first game, the boys played really well with Jack scoring but they eventually lost a close game.  Second game, they fully deserved to win with Alfie scoring the only goal.  The third game was played against the eventual winners of the whole tournament who were a big strong side and thoroughly deserved to win not only the game but the whole tournament.  Well done Winlaton West Lane.

Dunston Hill came third in the whole competition out of twenty two schools in the region so the boys can hold their heads high!  Well done boys.

Photo of the Week

Class News


Parents Consultations

You should now have received a letter inviting you to our parent consultations on either Tuesday 15 or Wednesday 16 October. We try our best to accommodate parents requests and ensure siblings appointments are on the same evening where possible. We would like to remind parents that consultations are 10 minutes duration in order to enable staff to see all families and if you feel you may need longer please arrange to do this at another time. Mrs Anglesea and Mr Sutherland are also available so please contact the school office if you would like to make an appointment to see either of them during these evenings.


European Languages Day

We were very excited to celebrate European Day of Languages in school on Thursday! The children took part in a range of activities linked to different European languages, from learning colours and using these to create artist inspired works to exploring European cuisine. They all enjoyed getting a flavour of different languages. Some of our children who speak another language loved sharing their skills with us. It was also a pleasure to welcome some of our parents into school who shared their own languages with us, through stories and songs. Thank you so much for giving your time up for us; the children all had a fantastic day!


Year 5 Visit to Kingsmeadow

Class 5O had a fantastic time on Tuesday exploring and experiencing secondary school life at Kingsmeadow. The children were given a real insight into what to expect when they reach Year 7. They enjoyed a Textiles lesson, creating a class garment, which will be featured in Kingsmeadow’s newsletter and used their brilliant literary skills to decode a poem and create their own riddle.


News from Key Stage 1…

Year 2 have been thoroughly enjoying our History work all about The Great Fire of London. We know when and where the fire started and how long it lasted. Using a range of sources, including Samuel Pepys’ diary has helped us to understand why the fire spread so quickly and why it lasted so long. We have even created our own replica houses of 1666 and we loved acting in role as Samuel Pepys and the people who lost their homes in the fire.

“I have really enjoyed creating a dance about the Great Fire of London” said Jayne.


Primary and Secondary School places for September 2020

You can now apply for primary and secondary school places for September 2020.   Closing date for secondary school admissions is 31 October 2019 and for primary school admissions is 15 January 2020.  Apply online at:


Year 4 & 5 Cycle Skills

Ben, our Biking Officer is coming into school on Tuesday 8 and Wednesday 9 October to work with our Year 4 and 5 children on their cycle skills.  Letters have been sent to parents by email.  If you would like your child to take part, please click on the link in the letter to give your consent. 


Class 5B Swimming session cancelled 3 October 

Due to the school gala being held at Dunston Pool, unfortunately class 5B swimming session is cancelled on Thursday 3 October.


Our Headteacher Awards were presented today to the following children who have all impressed their respective class teacher:

RCH  Jonny Alexander

RCY  Abby Gascoigne

1B   Lewis Horn

1T   Oliver Fitzgerald

2B   Ella Keane

2J   Jack Scott

3C   Amy Rowland

3M   Charlie Temple

4C   Indie O’Hara

4W   Briannah Temple

5B  Sophia Moody

5O  Milly Wearmouth

6P   Vinnie Scott

6R   Ellie Vaughan


School Attendance




5B, 5O and 6R