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Thought of the Week:

“What day is it?” asked Pooh. “It’s today,” squeaked Piglet. “My favourite day,” said Pooh”

A.A. Milne

Message From Mr Sutherland

Thank you so much to all the parents and carers who came into school this week and joined us for our Parent Consultations.  What a really positive week we have had.  I really enjoyed being able to catch up with some of you as you walked through school, looking at your children’s work as well as the classroom displays and our brand new displays around school and in the corridor.  I know that some of you were able to have a look at The Dunston Den and Dunston Retreat (our Sensory Room) for the first time too.  I really appreciate the fact that many of you also filled out one of our Feedback Forms and put them in the yellow boxes.  We have so far received well over 100 forms and I’m sure that there will be a few more still to come in.  We welcome all feedback and really do listen to what you have told us.  I read each one personally and, together with our Leadership Team, will respond to every one where a query has been raised or a question asked.  We have had some suggestions too and comments around homework, the Golden Table, the ease of access of our newsletter and lunchtimes, along with many others.  Naturally I can’t promise to put every suggestion into practice, but I can promise to read and consider each one and to get back to you with a response.  Your voice is extremely important to us and your feedback invaluable.  I hope you liked the post-it note idea too – the children loved picking out the piece of work that made them really proud and of course, loved reading your comments too.  Because of the half-term break we will not be able to get back to you until the first couple of weeks back, so I thank you for your patience.  I will share your forms with your class teacher and the support staff who make up the wonderful team we have here – many of your comments have been so lovely and we are very grateful to be thought of in such a way.

You will be aware that we recently advertised two spaces for Parent Governors on our Governing Body.  The deadline for applications has now passed and I am grateful for the applications we have received.  We are collating the information we have and preparing for the next steps which will take place shortly after half term.  In these times of financial restraints on schools, the increase in the need for support for our children’s mental health with limited resources as well as a significant alteration in the way schools and its leadership are now judged and assessed by the government, never was a robust, strategic and inclusive governing body more needed.  We have a wonderful team of governors and I am looking forward to welcoming additional members very soon.

Have a wonderful half term week with family and friends.  We reopen to children at the usual times on Monday February 24th, 2020.

Have a great week!

Whole School Information


Extra-Curricular Clubs – Spring Term 2

Day Club Year Group Time
Monday Reading Club Year 5 & 6 3.20-4.15pm
Monday Running Club Year 5 & 6 3.20-4.15pm
Monday Lego Club Year 2 3.20-4.15pm
Monday Achieve your Goals Workshop Year 6 3.20-4.15pm
Tuesday Indoor Athletics Year 1 & 2 8.00-8.45am
Tuesday French Club Year 2 3.15-4.15pm
Tuesday Tag Ruby Year 3 & 4 3.20-4.15pm
Tuesday Drama Club Year 3 & 4 3.20-4.15pm
Tuesday Dance Club Year 3 & 4 3.20-4.15pm
Tuesday Homework Club Year 6 3.20-4.15pm
Tuesday Film Club Year 3 & 4 3.20-4.15pm
Wednesday Family Forest School Various 2.00-3.10pm
Wednesday Boys Street Dance Year 4, 5 & 6 3.20-4.15pm
Friday Dodgeball Year 5 & 6 8.00-8.45am
Friday Tiny Tribes Forest School Aged 3 years 9.00-10.00am

All clubs are booked using our school app Schoolgateway. 


Year 4 Residential Camping Visit to Beamish Museum

Information has been emailed to parents this afternoon regarding the Year 4 residential camping visit to Beamish Museum in June.  Click here to view the letter.


Early May Bank Holiday

The May Day Bank Holiday has been moved from Monday 4 May to Friday 8 May to coincide with the 75th anniversary of VE Day.  School will be open on Monday 4 May.


School Lunch

The menu for week commencing Monday 24 February is Week 1.  A reminder that as part of our Healthy Schools programme, we ask that children do not bring crisps, chocolate or fizzy drinks in their packed lunches.  Due to allergies, please ensure that no kiwi fruit or peanuts are brought into school, including in the form of Snickers or peanut butter sandwiches.  This is especially important to remember for children bringing in packed lunches or snacks.

Photo of the Week

Class News


This week’s Class News is from Early Years…

This term – not just once upon a time… Nursery have made our Traditional Stories come alive and what fun we’ve had along the way. It all began with The Three Little Pigs and a Big Bad Wolf.  We read, acted and made some props to support our role play. This story was so much fun, and pretending to be the big bad wolf allowed us to explore science through huffing and puffing bubbles that eventually blew away or popped. We were also lucky with the recent windy weather as this gave us the opportunity to see the kites we made in the outdoor classroom blowing away as well as hanging our laundry to see it quickly dry on the washing line we used. Ask us to tell you all about it and you’ll be amazed by our story telling. The end!

During our Chinese New Year celebrations, Reception loved handling lots of resources and they were interested in the patterns seen on the drums and dragons. We followed the children’s interests and looked at patterns in the world around us and focussed our maths work around a story called ‘Pattern Fish’. Since then, we have made patterns using our bodies to make pattern dances, created patterns of different colours and with natural objects. The children have enjoyed building pattern towers with the cubes and Lego and this led them to explore how height can be different. They have enjoyed comparing their own heights with one another and creating towers as tall as they are. Lots of creative maths ideas and all led by the interests of our children. What a creative bunch Reception are!


Sporting News



Thank you to Miss Reay and Mr Wildgoose for taking our team again last night. Mr Wildgoose wrote the following commentry.

Well played to all the lads last night who took part in the five-a-side finals.  The first game was against Winlaton West Lane and saw the opposition score three goals in the first half including one penalty. Dylan replied with a single goal so half-time was 3-1.
Second half saw the opposition score one more goal and Dylan score another two.  I also have to mention that Jack our goalkeeper had to face three more penalties in the second-half and did fantastically well to save all three.  Final score 4-3.

Second game was against Saint Mary‘s with the opposition scoring two goals and Sonny scoring one and Mason scoring one for Dunston. The second-half again saw the opposition score two and Jack scoring two for Dunston. Final score 4-4.

The final game was against Saint Joseph’s with the opposition scoring three goals and Mason scoring two for Dunston.  In the second half Jaden got another goal for Dunston leaving the final score 3-3.

The lads all played fantastically well coming third overall but my personal view was that they deserved to be a lot higher possibly even winning as the football they played was absolutely fantastic. They were very unlucky with some decisions going against them but they didn’t let their heads go down and battled through and even hit the crossbar and post nine times within all three matches. This is how unlucky they were tonight.  Again well done boys !! 👏🏼⚽️


Hoops 4 Health Basketball

Well done to all our basketballer’s who took part in the Hoops 4 Health basketball competition today! All children played well showing excellent sportsmanship. A tense second round with Dunston Hill 1 vs Dunston Hill 2…well done to team 1 for their defeat! Unfortunately Team 1 were defeated in the finals in the last minute. Good effort by all.

Our Headteacher Awards were presented today to the following children who have all impressed their respective class teacher:

RCH  Teddy Ward

RCY  Charlie Gibson

1B  Xander Bell

1T Will Morris

2B  Matthew Brown

2J   Eve Topham

3C  James Holmes

3M  Ashton Young

4C  Indie O’Hara

4W  Lexie Duggan

5B Nick Troughton

5O Kahlen Dodds

6P Corey Richardson

6R Sonny O’Hara



School Attendance