Shoes, shoes, shoes!

Jul 2, 2020English, Latest News, Year 2

Year 2 have been looking at lots of different things to do with shoes over the past two weeks!

First, we watched a video called ‘Caterpillar shoes,’ about a kind caterpillar who gives away his shoes to the other insects living in the forest. We thought about what the woodlouse, grasshopper, flea, spider, beetle and other creatures (such as the poor worms and stick insects who didn’t get any shoes) might say to the caterpillar after receiving their new shoes. We wrote some speech bubbles and then chose which character we might want to be and write a letter from them to the caterpillar. We told him how grateful we were, what we were using his shoes for and how we were looking after them.

Next, we moved on to read a story based on a traditional tale – ‘The Elves and the Shoemaker.’ This version featured three elves: Clary, Pepper and Jas. We planned and wrote our own versions of the elves’ story in which elves help someone. It could be ‘The Elves and the teacher’ or ‘The Elves and Santa Clause.’ We even had ‘The Elves and the Chocolate Factory.’

Our final ‘shoe’ task was to design an advert for an amazing pair of shoes! Perhaps a shoe phone? Or a lego shoe? Take a look at the Unicorn Rainbow Shoes. Everyone is going to want a pair of those!