There has definitely been a ‘buzz’ around school this week as children have enjoyed taking part in a range of science activities.  The theme was ‘Journeys’ and it has been lovely to see how staff have interpreted that theme to give our children lots of memorable experiences. Here is what each year group have been up to:-

Reception have been observing frogspawn and learning all about the life-cycle of a frog and have also been making boats to help the Gingerbread Man cross the river. They have also been investigating how kites fly in the wind.

Year 1 enjoyed finding out about David Attenborough, and loved watching clips from some of his famous documentaries, including Blue Planet and Planet Earth. During a clip, the children learnt about the importance of looking after the environment they were shocked to see the effects that plastic can have. We made our own ‘polluted’ water using bits of plastic, metal, soil etc. and created a filter to clean the water. It was amazing to see how clean it became and now we are inspired to help look after our planet.

In Year 2, children enjoyed making their own helicopters and aeroplanes. They had great fun flying these through the air and  made observations to help answer questions. They also investigated the journey of  a sneeze! This lead them on to learning about germs and they linked this to the work of the famous Scientist Louis Pasteur.

Year 3 have enjoyed learning about the botanist David Bellamy – they decided to become botanists themselves by working in the environmental area. ‘The children took on the roles of the bees and the flowers to help them understand the role of bees and other insects in pollination. They were very ‘buzy’ all afternoon!’

Year 4 –  have loved learning all about the journey of electricity this week. They have created a series circuit, tested materials to see if they are insulators or conductors and learnt about famous scientists who were influential in the creation of electricity.

Year 5  have been looking at Darwin’s theories in relation to  work on the life cycle of a flower and insect. They went into forest school to discover the life cycles ‘under our feet’.They have also enjoyed their science work at Kingsmeadow this week. Class 5O enjoyed using microscopes to explore the cells of plants and animals.

Year 6 have been investigating the theory of natural selection and evolution. They really enjoyed using a range of equipment to act as different bird beaks. The ‘beaks’ were used to pick up different sources of food and after lots of giggles and fun, it was soon concluded that certain ‘beaks’ were better suited to certain food types.

Well done to all of our children for participating with so much curiosity and enthusiasm.