Plastic fantastic? A greener world

Jun 29, 2020Geography, Latest News

We all know how amazing plastic is – we use it every day! However. as part of our Geography Week we have considered that plastic might not always been as fantastic as we once thought.

Linking to World Ocean’s Day on the 8th June 2020, we learned more about how much plastic ends up in our oceans and how dangerous it can be for the sea creatures and wildlife who live there. It was shocking! We couldn’t believe how long plastic takes to break down and how many animals are hurt or killed because of it. What was worse was when we learned that a lot of the plastic that ends up in the oceans, ends up there because of littering or because some people do not recycle plastic and so landfills are overflowing.

To put our learning into practise, we had a variety of tasks to choose from. Some of us made models, using single-use plastic that was either going to be thrown away or recycled – take a look at the sea turtle model! Others decided to try and make their own bio-plastic – a form of plastic that takes a lot less time to break down than traditional plastic.

Finally, we looked at our food and just how far some of the items in our kitchens have travelled to reach our tables. We used an online mile calculator to see just how far they had come – there were some surprising results! We couldn’t believe just how far some of the things in our kitchens had travelled and we thought about how this impacts our planet. Take a look at our findings!