PE with Year 3

Oct 13, 2020Physical Education, Year 3

In PE this term, we have been learning about orienteering! This proved to be a little bit tricky at first but now, after a few weeks of making sure we orientate our maps, we are improving and getting quicker at finding different locations around our school grounds. 

We have learnt that in orienteering, red circles on a map show where we need to go. We have had to identify the shapes of different areas and buildings around school to help us orientate ourseves. We have been trying to make sure that our map stays in the right position and that we turn ourselves around it.


In addition to orienteering, we have also been improving our running each week. We run a circuit of the school grounds as many times as we can in 10 minutes and we’ve gotten quicker and quicker each week. Keep it up everyone! We’re getting fitter and improving our stamina.