Health Advice

Health Advice

The School Nursing Service

The school nursing service is made up of school nurses who are registered nurses with additional specialist training or experience in Public Health and working with children of school age.

Our school nurses are available to provide advice and support for both your child(ren) and parents/carers on any health issues including:

  • Growth and development
  • Healthy eating
  • Weight management
  • Behaviour issues
  • Feelings and emotions
  • Bedwetting and soiling
  • Daytime wetting
  • Personal hygiene
  • Dental
  • Additional health and support needs
  • Referral on to other services for specialist help

lindsey-and-lisaIf you would like to discuss any of the above issues for confidential advice please call  Lindsey Spinks or Lisa Dadley on 0191 497 1548.

“Balance It” is a healthy lifestyle and activity programme for school-aged children (5-17 years old) in Gateshead. Expert advice and support is given on nutrition and activity throughout the programme to help children achieve and maintain a healthy weight. We encourage the involvement of parents and carers to support their children throughout the programme.

Nasal Flu Vaccination

The School Nursing Team returned for a third year in October 2016, to continue the flu vaccination programme. The vaccine is a needle-free vaccination given as a nasal spray up each nostril to protect children against seasonal flu. During the 2015 programme, 63% of children between Reception and Year 6 received the vaccination. This year’s take-up increased slightly to 66%, which was offered to all Year 1 to 6 children. Those of Reception age were offered the vaccination by their GP.

Our School First Aid Team

We currently have seven fully qualified first aiders (five teaching assistants and two midday supervisors). The qualification is renewed every 3 years. Two are pediatric trained. Additional training is provided by the school nurse to tailor the needs of pupils e.g. asthma, epilepsy. Mrs Cox, our Extended Schools Coordinator, has also received a first aid qualification as part of her Forest School training.

Our medical room stores all medical resources/medicines and is a quiet place with a bed where pupils may rest if feeling unwell. First aid boxes are located in all cloakrooms in each year group, the staffroom and community room. A defibrillator is located in the Kingsmeadow Secondary School Reception area.