School Admissions

Aims and Values

Our aims and values are at the core of everything we do. They underpin the school’s teaching philosophy, curriculum and learning environment and help to ensure that our children become successful learners, confident individuals and responsible citizens.

  1. Self Confidence – To ensure that each child develops a sense of personal worth and is confident in his/her ability to succeed
  2. Relationships – To help children develop good relationships with others, based upon mutual respect and an understanding of the various races, religions and cultures of present day society
  3. Co-operation – To help children develop the ability to contribute and recognise his/her responsibility within a community group
  4. Self Discipline – To help children understand the need for high standards of behaviour and to develop a sense of responsibility towards people and property
  5. Attitudes to Learning – To stimulate children to be curious, alert, eager to learn, thinking and questioning in their attitudes and interested in the world around them
  6. Basic Skills – To help children acquire the basic skills needed for learning and an ability to use and apply their knowledge in everyday situations
  7. Aesthetic Values and Skills – To help children develop an appreciation of and ability in the creative and expressive arts