Year 3 had a fantastic, fact-filled day at the Oriental Museum today! We started by hunting for information linked to the Ancient Egyptians – finding out things about what the Egyptians wore (or didn’t wear in the case of Egyptian children!!) the Gods, and hieroglyphs. After that, we all had the chance to handle real life artefacts and had a go at being archaeologists trying to figure out the use of each object.  After lunch, we took part in the ‘Weighing of the Heart Ceremony’ and even had our very own Pharaoh Charlie in the class!  During this we learnt about mummification and lots of the disgusting parts of the process.  Finally, we were able to see a real, Ancient Egyptian mummy which was over 2000 years old!! We were able to ask lots of questions and discovered that it was the mummy of a 60 year old female who must have been rich as only the rich in Ancient Egypt were mummified.

The children were brilliant and I am looking forward to hearing all of the information they have learnt, tomorrow!