Oh no! A fire in London!

Oct 13, 2020History, Latest News, Year 2

Our history unit in Year 2 has been the Great Fire of London and we have been learning all about how the fire started (in the King’s bakery on Pudding Lane), how it spread so quickly (because the houses were made of wood and were so close together) and also what the people of London did to try and put it out (they used water from the Thames and fire hooks). To do this, we have used sources such as paintings and maps. Today, we also learned from diaries that were written in 1666! We read the diaries of Samuel Pepys and also John Evelyn, who were eyewitnesses to the fire. We learned about lots of places that were engulfed by the fire, as well as how both men witnessed Londoners taking their belongings and saving them by putting them onto boats. Here we are showing how we thought Samuel Pepys and John Evelyn might have looked when they saw the fire!