More P.E week fun!

Jun 2, 2020Latest News, Physical Education

WOW!  What a busy week we have had!  Thank you to all of our families who joined in with some of the activities this week.  I really hope that you enjoyed P.E week!  Staying active is very important, especially at the moment as exercise is a great way to clear our minds and support our mental health.  This week the children have been involved in many active challenges such as: creating an origami fortune teller to design a workout, completing a wordsearch and carrying out star jumps for every word found, climbing the equivalent of the Angel of the North, running the distance of the Great North Run and many more!  We have also had lots of photographs showing children: creating their own t-shirts for the Great North Run, setting up their own obstacle courses, making healthy post-workout snacks, and researching famous athletes.  Some of our younger children decided to complete their daily tasks in an active way, such as jumping on the correct phonics sound… How creative!  We hope you all had a fabulous week, as we certainly did!  Check out our photographs!