Left, right, clockwise, anti-clockwise…Year 2 get moving!

Jul 2, 2020Latest News, Maths, Year 2

Year 2 have been learning a lot about position and direction over the past week. We have revised our understanding of left and right and used bossy, imperative verbs to give out directional instructions. We looked at the way a clock moves to help us remember clockwise and anti-clockwise (which also reinforced our understanding of left and right). Finally, our fractions work came in very handy to give more detailed instructions such as, “Make a three-quarter turn clockwise,” then “walk forward two steps before turning right half a turn.”

Some of us even made life size grids to help us visualise the different changes of position and direction we needed to make. 

Finally, we had a pirate challenge! The pirate desperately wanted to get to the treasure but only we could get him there safely, avoiding the treacherous palm trees and hungry crocodiles. We worked hard to write the best instructions and then tested out our routes. Luckily, our pirates were safe and happy with their treasure in the end!

Take a look at our amazing work!