Care and Respect for All


Thought of the Week:

“There was never a night or a problem that could defeat sunrise or hope..”

Bernard Williams

Message From Mr Sutherland


Good afternoon everyone –

This afternoon, I had the absolute pleasure of leading our first whole-school assemblies for over two years.  It was so wonderful to be back together in the hall again, under our “Care and Respect for All” sun and sharing the children’s achievements together as a school.  That’s the way it should be and although there have been many advantages to meetings on the internet, school assemblies are certainly not one of them.  I don’t know who was more excited – me or the children?  I awarded Headteacher Certificates, gave out Birthday Pencils and told the lucky recipients who had won this week’s Hot Chocolate with the Head nominations.  The children Walked Wonderfully into the hall in their Legendary Lines and their attention in the hall was outstanding – bearing in mind that many of those children will never have experienced this before.  What a lovely afternoon we have had!  After the Easter break we will be starting our whole school Singing Assembly again every week, which is such a positive and inclusive way to start our week.  I can’t wait and I am changing my guitar strings ready for the big day.  I firmly believe that assemblies are an important part of our holistic provision and they have been a huge miss in the life of our school and are an enhancement to the academic elements we provide.

Whilst thinking about all the hard work the children do every day on their reading, writing and mathematics, I also wanted to give consideration to the vast array of other subjects we cover in school as part of our curriculum.  As the weeks go by I am hoping that we will be able to further develop any after-school clubs we might be able to offer, in order to widen the scope for the different interests our children have.  So watch this space for more announcements.  I am very proud of all of our children, whether they be mathematicians, artists, musicians, footballers or writers and I am constantly amazed to see how talented they all are on a daily basis.

Have a great week!

Whole School Information


Comic Relief 

Thank you so much for your kind donations. We raised an amazing £270.70. Last Friday, all the children and staff had a fantastic day, there were smiles and laughter from everyone, and they all looked funky and fabulous. Our children took part in a Comic Relief quiz, got the chance to use our crazy photo booth and completed a red nose hunt. So, where does your money go? Comic Relief partners with some fantastic projects and organisations to make a difference to the lives of millions of people across the UK and around the world. To find out more, follow the Comic Relief link

Nurture News

Next week (28 March – 2 April) is Autism Awareness Week

This is something that, as a school, we are looking forward to talking sensitively about with our wonderful children.

Autism can affect a person’s social skills, such as communication and the way they interact with other people. It is estimated that there are around 700,000 Autistic people in the UK. The aim of Autism Awareness Week (28 March-2 April) is to help more people understand what autism is, as well as the ways it can affect life for autistic people.

The National Autistic Society offers lots of information, resources and fun activities should you wish to take a look (some of which we will be exploring in school):


A reminder children must be in full school uniform each day. Details of our uniform can be found following the link below.  PE hoodies may only be worn for school on PE and Forest School days and leggings are not part of our daily school uniform and should only be worn for PE and Forest School. We also encourage that hair accessories are school colours.

Please ensure your child’s name is clearly written in their uniform especially school jumpers and hoodies.


Primary School Offers – September 2022

Parents/Carers will be informed on Monday 18 April which Primary School their child has been allocated for September 2022.


Healthy Snacks

Children in Key Stage Two can bring in a healthy snack for morning break time. We suggest a piece of fruit. Crisps, chocolate and items containing nuts are not allowed as a break time snack.  Please remember we are a nut-free school.

School Lunch

The menu for week commencing Monday 28 March is Week 2.  A reminder that as part of our Healthy Schools programme, we ask that children do not bring crisps, chocolate or fizzy drinks in their packed lunches.  Due to allergies, please ensure that no peanuts or items containing nuts are brought into school, including in the form of Snickers or peanut butter sandwiches.  This is especially important to remember for children bringing in packed lunches or snacks.

Photo Highlights

Class News

Super Scientists!

It was lovely to see the excitement and enthusiasm from all of our children during science week. Across the school, children carried out a range of investigations and STEM activities linked to the theme of ‘growth’. Nursery followed their on-going interests and curiosity around dinosaurs and volcanoes. They made a dinosaur land with a show-stopping volcano which erupted!  They were mesmerised! Reception enjoyed exploring growth in all types of ways and they particularly enjoyed looking at what they could grow in their planting bed in Forest School. Across both Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2, children developed their working scientifically skills when we posed the question ‘Can gummy bears grow?’ Yes – they actually can! Our children thoroughly enjoyed making predictions, setting the investigations up, observing, recording and discussing their findings.


This week’s Class News is from …

Key Stage One

Year 2

Year 2 have really enjoyed learning about living things and their habitats. They particularly enjoyed investigating micro-habitats and identifying these in our school grounds. Some children were surprised with how many animals they actually found. They have also been learning about what a food chain is and they have been excellent at using their scientific vocabulary when describing these food chains.

Year 1

Year 1 have been getting the measure of things in Maths these past two weeks! We have loved exploring length and height using lots of different objects – from cubes and paperclips to using ourselves to measure the length of the classroom! We have then progressed to measuring objects using a ruler. We’ve learnt all about measuring from end to end and remembering to mind the gap! Just ask us all about it!

Accelerated Reader – We are so proud of you! 

Our children in Year 3 – Year 6 use a programme called Accelerated Reader to track their comprehension of stories and books they have read and enjoyed as part of their home – school reading. Every half term the children complete a Star Reader quiz which sets them a points target to achieve. The children achieve their points by reading books which are the correct level of enjoyment and challenge for them and then taking quizzes. So far we have almost 100 children who have either achieved or exceeded their target. We are so proud of you! We know how hard all of our children will work to aim for their target and have our fingers crossed for even more to achieve by Wednesday 6 April. We love reading! We love achieving! Go Team Dunston!


Sporting Success

KS1 Multi-Sport Festival

Earlier in the month, 10 of our Year 2 children attended the KS1 Multi-Sports Festival and what a great morning they had!  They took part in many activities which helped them to work on their hopping, skipping, jumping and balancing skills, and the theme this year was ‘Step into the Jungle’.  Their behaviour was incredible and they were a real credit to our school.

Swimming Gala

The day finally arrived… After winning the title of 1st place in the Gateshead Gala… Last week, we competed in the South Tyneside County final.  Our fantastic team managed to win 28 medals and as a result, came an AMAZING 3rd place overall.  Altogether our team have bagged themselves 51 medals!  We couldn’t be prouder. Well done team!

Hockey events

During this half-term, we have attended two hockey events: Year 5/6 hockey tournament and Year 3/4 quicksticks hockey.  Both teams showed excellent sportsmanship throughout and worked well as a group.  Although we did not make it through to the finals on these occasions, we still managed to win a few of the games within the tournament.  We are so proud of you all!