Care and Respect for All


Thought of the Week:

“Nothing but a child, could wash those tears away,

and guide a weary world into the light of day.

And nothing but a child, could help erase those miles,

So once again we all, can be children for a while.”

Steve Fain Earle

Message From Mr Sutherland


We live in such technologically advanced times that this year, I was able to post a message to parents, staff and children last night via social media onto our Facebook page.  I do hope lots of you have been able to see it but if you haven’t, please try to have a quick look if you get a moment.  By the way, the director of the video was my daughter Matilda who was extremely demanding and made me re-record it 3 times as she wasn’t completely happy!  I felt slightly reassured when she said, “Don’t worry Dad, I can edit any poor bits out later!”

I hope that in my message and in previous letters and posts I have encapsulated just how happy we all are to have our children and families back in school again this term.  This morning on the yard it was so lovely to see everyone coming into school with smiles on their faces, dancing to the music and having a great time.  Your comments about the activities we have put on for the children have been so positive – I really believe we have done our very best to give the children the best primary school Christmas we possibly could under the circumstances, conscious of course that we have also been working hard to support the children as they catch-up on the time they missed earlier in the year.  My thanks go once again to our amazing staff team – they have been quite phenomenal!

Please take some time to read the information about the return to school in January including my letter to you last week.  However, because there is still so much uncertainty nationwide, you will see I have kept everything as it has been, at least for the first few weeks, so that you know where you are.  Of course, if anything changes over the holiday as regards restrictions or government guidance, then we will let you know as soon as we can.

In the meantime, have a wonderful Christmas and a safe and peaceful New Year.  We look forward to seeing you all back in school on Wednesday January 6th, 2021.

Whole School Information

Christmas at Dunston Hill!


What a fabulous time our children have had in the run-up to Christmas. All our staff have worked so very hard to make it special and we are grateful to each and every one of them. An extra special thank you must go to our Winter Wonderland team led by Mrs Cox who created a magical and festive space for our children to experience a little bit of Christmas in a magical wonderland. Huge thanks to Mrs O’Hara, Mrs Walton, Mrs Hewitt, Miss Conway, Mrs Harm, Mrs Cusmano, Mrs Bootland, Mrs Gregory and Mrs Gaulton along with their partners who also helped and other members of our team.


We hope the community has now all had a chance to watch our school Christmas video, follow this link if you’ve missed it

We hope you enjoyed watching it as much as we did making it! Also a huge thank you to those that donated gifts, brought raffle tickets and joined us for our Virtual coffee morning and grand raffle.  There were some amazing prizes, congratulations to those that won. In total, we have made £1295 from our raffle that will go into our school fund for 2021.


Information for January


Forest School

After Christmas, we will continue with our Forest School. Children should come to school for the day dressed in warm clothing with a waterproof coat and wellingtons. School jumpers must be worn. The dates are as follows.


  1st session 2nd session 3rd session
RB Tues 12th Jan Tues 26th Jan Tues 9th Feb
RC Tues 19th Jan Tues 2nd Feb Tues 23rd Feb
1B Tues 12th Jan Tues 26th Jan Tues 9th Feb
1T Tues 19th Jan Tues 2nd Feb Tues 23rd Feb
2B Wed 13th Jan Wed 27th Jan Wed 10th Feb
2J Wed 20th Jan Wed 3rd Feb Wed 24th Feb
3M Wed 13th Jan Wed 27th Jan Wed 10th Feb
3C Wed 20th Jan Wed 3rd Feb Wed 24th Feb
4C Fri 15th Jan Fri 29th Jan Fri 12th Feb
4W Fri 22nd Jan Fri 5th Feb Fri 26th Feb
5O Mon 11th Jan Mon 25th Jan Mon 8th Feb
5B Mon 18th Jan Mon1st Feb Mon 15th Feb
6P Thurs 14th Jan Thurs 28th Jan Thurs 11th Feb
6R Thur 21st Jan Thurs 4th Feb Thurs 25th Feb


PE Days

On PE day children can wear their kit for the day. This should be a school PE T-shirt with navy or black shorts or tracksuit bottoms dependent on the weather. A school jumper must be worn on top.

Monday Year 4 and Year 2
Tuesday Year 5
Wednesday Year 6
Thursday Year 1 and Year 3


Please ensure your child returns to school in the correct school uniform with black shoes. We do not allow children to wear trainers with coloured soles, stripes or ticks. A fully black trainer or shoe should be worn. Children are not permitted into school with earrings at any time. A school jumper or cardigan is needed every day.  As you will be aware, our classroom windows are open to ensure ventilation, with that in mind, classrooms are cooler. Please ensure your child wears a vest or additional under layers if needed and always brings their jumper or cardigan. Scarves and shawls cannot be worn inside the classroom but if your child is cold they can bring a fleece or additional jumper.


Photo Highlights

Class News

This week’s Class News is from …

Upper Key Stage 2:


Year 5 have had a brilliant Autumn term this year, with too many fun things to mention!

Some of our very special highlights include:

PE: The children have honed their orienteering skills beautifully, working in teams to read maps and break some very challenging codes. Maths: We have caught up on some basic skill areas and extended our knowledge further, including finding multiples, factors, prime numbers, squared and cubed numbers to name a few! English: Our writing has been varied and exciting this term, with lots of work on our grammar and vocabulary skills as well as some wonderful extended writing. History: we were blown away by our Maya topic, in particular the Mayan ball game in which no feet or hands are allowed! Geography: even this week we are still full steam ahead and the children have been extremely moved by our Amazon topic and the drastic impacts that deforestation is having on our planet. The children have been just amazing and have adapted perfectly to our new classroom environment.

In addition to lots of work, these last two weeks have also been a full-on festive extravaganza! With card-making, decoration crafting and hanging, calendar making, Winter Wonderland, Christmas lunch, Elf visits and Christmas party day, we have enjoyed every moment of the lead up to our Christmas holidays.

This half-term, in Year 6, we have worked incredibly hard across all areas of the curriculum. Particular highlights have included: Mastering the underarm serve in tennis, accurately returning the ball to an opponent and using the backhand as well as two-handed backhand – well done 6R.  In 6P, we completed our Sports Hall Athletics competition where we ran, threw and leapt to success! 6R thoroughly enjoyed writing a letter home from the trenches of WW1 as serving soldier ‘Jim’ describing the events of the Christmas truce and proudly shared our work with our peers. Whereas 6P got to grips with writing in the style of author Michael Morpurgo, after studying the Waitrose advert “Coming Home”. Creating Avatars to protect our online identity proved popular as well as learning about our digital footprint, as we reinforced our knowledge of how to stay safe when online. Learning about the Ancient Greeks and how they were prepared for battle was interesting especially when compared to the advances of WW1.

Celebrating Christmas has been an enjoyable and welcome conclusion to our busy term. Highlights have included: Winter Wonderland, Christmas parties and our Christmas lunch.

Happy Christmas to you all from UKS2, the children (and teachers!) have earned a very well deserved break!!


Nurture News

Over the Christmas period, Miss Tuart and Mrs Cox want our wonderful children to take care of their own mental and physical wellbeing. While each person has a unique way of boosting their own wellbeing through certain activities, having a list of ideas on hand is a super way to prepare for any time you may need to support someone with their wellbeing.

Here is a simple list of just a few wellbeing activities that can be used to help boost the emotional wellbeing of your child/children over Christmas:

• Make homemade gifts for those close to them, such as family and friends.

• Create a cracker of kindness where, instead of a joke or present, messages of love and kindness are included inside.

• Make personalised Christmas cards that can be sent to family and friends with a message of appreciation inside.

• Make a bird feeder and encourage them to watch the birds that visit; something considered extremely calming.

• Keep a positivity diary full of positive thoughts and comments that happen over the Christmas holidays.

• Make positive paper chains by writing positive messages on each of the strips of paper that will then join together to make the paper chain.


Reception class places 2021

Nursery parents, should now have applied for your child to start reception class in September 2021.

If you haven’t you must apply on-line at:

Online applications must be submitted by 15 January 2021.  If you do not submit your form by this date you will reduce your chances of gaining a place at one of your preferred schools.


School Lunch

The menu for our return on Wednesday 6th January is Week 3 All children will now have a hot main meal off our main menu.

Wednesday will be pizza day for our first day back.

A reminder that as part of our Healthy Schools programme, we ask that children do not bring crisps, chocolate or fizzy drinks in their packed lunches.  Due to allergies, please ensure that no peanuts or items containing nuts are brought into school, including in the form of Snickers or peanut butter sandwiches.  This is especially important to remember for children bringing in packed lunches or snacks.

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