Don’t Worry Bout a Thing

Jun 4, 2020Latest News, PSHE

Worry Dolls
Worry is something that everybody feels from time to time, and some people might feel it more than others. Worrying is a very normal emotion! But the way it makes you feel isn’t always something we enjoy. What can happen to your body when you are worried? It might make your heart beat faster, you might feel hot, you might feel sick or you might get butterflies in your tummy.
It is important to know that there are different ways to deal with worries. It can help to talk to someone that you trust about your worries, as talking about it can make it seem less huge. Today’s ‘Joyful June’ activity is all about finding a positive way to reframe worries.
Today, we are going to take a trip to a hot country in Central America called Guatemala. Guatemala is a Spanish speaking country. Here, they have what we call ‘worry dolls’. They call them Muñeca quitapena (mun-ye-ka kee-ta-pay-na). Legend has it that Guatemalan children tell their worry doll any worries before they go to bed, and then place their doll underneath their pillow. When they wake, their doll has ‘worried’ for them overnight, so the child doesn’t need to worry anymore!