Daily work – 8/7/20

Jul 7, 2020COVID-19


Nursery – Wednesday 8th July

Hello Nursery boys and girls! We hope you managed to watch our school assembly yesterday and enjoy the song Mr Sutherland sang?

As we continue our ‘Goodbye week’, don’t forget you can post or send by email, a photograph of you with a ‘Goodbye’ message for your friends if you would like to?

RWI Phonics: ch

Today’s sound is ‘ch’. This sound makes me think of a train coming down the tracks! It has special friends again, two letters but only one sound!

YouTube Ruth Miskin Training website:


Phonics activity: ch, ch, ch, ch!

For today’s activity we would like you to move around your house or garden like a train making a “ch, ch, ch, ch sound! Maybe you could stop at some ‘ch’ stations too! I stopped at the ‘chocolate’ station! Can you think of any other ‘ch’ stations you could stop at? Maybe when you are out for a walk you could stop at the ‘Church’ station or the ‘chip shop’ station!

Maths activity: 7  

Today its number 7!


Here’s the 7 song!


Numberblock 7 sings about the 7 days in the week, did you hear him? In Nursery we loved to sing our 7 days of the week song, can you remember it? Can you tell your grown up what the 7 days of the week are? Maybe they could help you? What day will it be tomorrow?

Goodbye activity: Happy Memories

We have shared so many wonderful times in our Nursery together. I wonder if you could close your eyes and think about your time in Nursery.  Above there are some photographs of our Nursery to help you remember!  Can you talk to a grown up about what you have thought about? When I close my eyes and think about our Nursery I always think about our wonderful dancing and singing together. We have had so much fun! Ask your grown up to post your memory in the comments box or they could send us an email. We would love to hear what your memory is.

Story time: Oh, No, George!

This story is all about a dog called George who gets up to all kinds of mischief!

Link to story: https://www.booktrust.org.uk/books-and-reading/have-some-fun/storybooks-and-games/oh-no-george/

We can’t wait to find out what you have been up too! 😊



Reception Wednesday 8th July

Good morning Reception. Today is our goodbye walk around. We look forward to seeing you throughout the day. Let’s hope the sun is shining for us. 😊


Set 1 sounds are repeating and the sound of the day is: ch

Set 2 sound (repeated) is: ow

‘Read and Hold a sentence 1’ will continue today. We usually complete these style activities as part of our RWI lessons. They encourage reading and writing practice for children reading set 1 sounds confidently and learning Set 2 sounds.

Please take a look on the RWI home learning You Tube link: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCo7fbLgY2oA_cFCIg9GdxtQ


Danny and Dinosaur get stranded and can’t get back home when the dinosaur eats everything! Can you draw a picture of something they can use to go back home? You all have fantastic ideas and we would love to see your pictures!

Maths  The Dinosaur just keeps on pooping! Take a look at the planets he has pooped! How many are there? How many would there be if he pooped one more? What about two more? https://wrm-13b48.kxcdn.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/07/Day-3-The-Dinosaur-that-pooped-a-planet.pdf

PM activities:

Now you have drawn your picture of how Danny and the dinosaur will get back home what about trying to make it. You could use junk modelling asking a grown up to use things out of your recycling bin, you could use LEGO or even play dough! Lots of you loved making rocket packs in school using plastic bottles!

Have an ‘out of this world’ day

Mrs Cassidy and Miss Cavanagh 😊

Year 1

Year 1 Wednesday 8th July  

Good morning, Year 1! 🌈 How are you? Let’s see what we have in store for you today…  

Today’s tasks:  

Maths – 
Today, we are going to continue with describing position. Here is the link to your lesson: https://vimeo.com/434746375  Watch the video carefully and, as always, pause and rewatch as much as you like! After you have watched the video and you feel happy to, give the worksheets a try. They are saved as a PDF to the website, and the images are on Facebook and in your email.  Y1-Summer-Block-3-D3-Describe-position-2-2020

English –  RWInc. Time!
As of 1st June, all speed sounds lessons are available from 9.30am. Those children in Set 2 and Set 3 groups have new words for reading.  All sets have red words (tricky words) to practise. These are slightly further down the page.

Miss Thompson’s group – Set 1 and Red Words 1
Mrs O’Hara and Mrs Harm’s groups – Set 2and Red Words 1
Miss Bunce, Miss Jobey and Mrs Neve’s groups – Set 3 and Red Words 2 

If you think your child is very confident recognising and reading the sounds in the set they have been practising, we suggest they try the next set of sounds. For any children who are very confident with Set 3 sounds, there is a video called ‘Read Longer Words’ which they can practise. 

This week’s story is……. The Singing Mermaid’ by Julia Donaldson 🧜🏼‍ 

If you don’t have the story at home, you can watch it on YouTube:

Sam Sly convinced the mermaid that she should perform at the Circus 🎪 Her friends tried to stop her, but she didn’t listen to them.  Can you write a letter to the mermaid persuading her not to go? We have created a writing support sheet that has sentence starters and helpful phrases for you to use in your letter. Remember, use your Fred fingers to help you spell out words and say the sentence out loud before writing it down.  

Letter to the singing mermaid writing support

Afternoon This week is our final week together as Year 1! 🌈 We have planned some lovely activities for you to do so that we can say goodbye for nowNext week, your new teachers, Miss Jobey and Mrs Bainbridge, will be giving you some fun activities to do so that you can get to know each other a little bit better before September  

Your task: Create a memory jar! – Fill the jar with words/phrases/pictures that remind you of the fantastic times we have had in Year 1. These could be lessons that you have enjoyed, school visits, or playing games with your friends. It could also be a favourite book you have read this year, who your teachers are, your favourite after school club. This is your memory jar so it will be completely personal to you!  

Reading is an excellent way to help you to relax, as well as being an important skill to develop. See if a grown-up will read a favourite story to you, or you might be able to access some online stories to enjoy! This website has lots of books you can see and hear being read to you: https://www.booktrust.org.uk/books-and-reading/have-some-fun/storybooks-and-games/
Remember, you can select a reading book just like you’d get in school to keep reading books at the appropriate phonic level; this is outlined in an email sent the 27th April 📚
Happy reading!

🌈 Have a wonderful Wednesday🌈  
Miss Bunce and Miss Thompson x 

Year 2

Wednesday 8th July

Hello, Year 2. We are half way through the week, again – where does time go? We hope that you’re having a super week so far.

Let’s wake up today with some Joe Wicks PE – it will be good preparation for our Sports Day on Friday!

Daily tasks

Maths – 

For today’s maths, we are going to move onto one of the most useful skills we can learn …how to tell the time! Today, we are going to revise our knowledge of telling the time to the hour and half past the hour.

Follow the link https://whiterosemaths.com/homelearning/year-2/ and click on ‘Summer Term – Week 11 (w/c 6th July)’ and then on the video for ‘Lesson 3 – o’clock and half past.’ Once you have watched the video through, open up this worksheet. Lesson-3-O-clock-and-half-past   We have also attached a top tips sheet to help you because telling the time is often something that some people find tricky until they get the hang of it. Top tips for telling the time (o’clock and half past) There are lots of examples on there to help you!

English – Well done for your fabulous descriptions of the vulture yesterday. Over the next two days we would like you to write a non-chronological report about meerkats. We think that they look like very interesting animals but we don’t know much about them and we were hoping that your reports would give us lots of facts. Before we write our non-chronological reports, we need to find out lots of facts about meerkats. It would be a good idea to draw a meerkat in the middle of a piece of paper and then write lots of facts around the outside. Make sure you include facts about its appearance, special features it may have, where it lives, what it eats and any other interesting facts. You can just make notes today. These websites will help you.



We hope you find out lots. Tomorrow we will help you with the layout of your  non-chronological report

Phonics – All phonics videos can be viewed from 10.30am by following this link:  https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCo7fbLgY2oA_cFCIg9GdxtQ

Join in with the speed sound lesson and the word time spelling lesson as well. Remember to tick or fix! Choose Set 3 sounds video if you have an orange, yellow, blue or grey reading book. If you have a green, purple or pink reading book, choose Set 2 sounds video.

There are videos added for reading red words too. For those who have a green, purple, pink and orange reading book, read red words 1. For those who have a yellow, blue and grey reading book, read red words 2. If you can’t logon, then you can find green words and red words at the back of your reading diaries.

If you do not read ‘Read Write Inc’ reading books, there is a video for you to watch all about reading longer words.  


Here are your options for today’s goodbye tasks.

Option 1: We all have one favourite memory of the year. Miss Jobey’s favourite was sitting in front of the stage, seeing you all perform our ‘Midwife Crisis’ – she could have burst with pride! Mrs Bainbridge’s favourite memory was taking class 2B to the Quayside to find out all about the Great Fire of Newcastle and Gateshead. Think of 6 of your favourite memories and we would like you to create a memory cube. We have attached the template here cube net  Draw or write a different memory on each face and then create the cube so it is a 3D shape. A memory cube to remember Year 2 forever.

Option 2: Create a salt dough hand print of your hand at the end of Y2 – keep it somewhere safe and then see how much you have grown by the end of Y3 in one year’s time! Here is a recipe for salt dough: https://mommymoment.ca/salt-dough-handprint/

Reading: After enjoying yesterday’s story so much, we wanted to share this video because it’s the sequel and it’s another story we all loved in school – ‘The Day the Crayons Came Home.’ Enjoy a story that we loved so much in school and just like yesterday, the story seems to come alive! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XKmJ2NRhcgo

Have a wonderful Wednesday, Year 2.

From Mrs Bainbridge and Miss Jobey

Year 3

Year 3 Wednesday 8th July 

Welcome to Wednesday year 3! Our penultimate (second last) day of tasks as year 3 😊. We hope you enjoyed coming to see us yesterday – it was so gorgeous to see so many of you and a big thank you for the gifts, cards and lovely things you said!  

Today’s tasks:  

Maths Click onto the link https://whiterosemaths.com/homelearning/year-3/ and go to week Summer Term – Week 11 (w/c 6th July) – Lesson 2 – Compare Mass. At the beginning of the lesson, the teacher will show you some balancing scales and he will recap how we know when an item is heavier or lighter than the other item. Carefully watch the video, pausing it when you are told to do so, for you to have a go.  Once you have finished watching it, complete the question in the activity which are attached to your email or on our website post. 


English – Look hard at your picture from yesterday and get yourself back there to that magical place beyond the wardrobe door. Imagine you’ve stepped through the wardrobe, or woken up there like the explorer in yesterday’s text. What was your day like? What did you see, smell, hear? Were there unusual animals or plants? Were there any people there? Use the explorer’s diary from yesterday to help you write a short diary/log about a day in the land beyond the wardrobe OR record a vlog (video log) as if you’ve been through the wardrobe. Let us see your work or videos in the comments section. 


Watch Mrs McLean reading one of our favourite stories from this year, ‘Little Rabbit Foo Foo’.  


What has been your favourite story this year? Is it a story we’ve read together as a class? Is it a Prince Edward story that Mrs Mc told? Is it a book you’ve read by yourself and done a quiz on? Whatever you choose, let us know in the comments by either writing it, drawing it or sharing a short video about it 😊  

Year 4

Year 4 – Wednesday 8th July

Good morning, Year 4 😊 We are half-way through yet another week.  We hope that you have enjoyed our goodbye activities so far.  We have a special surprise on Friday, as it’s sports day!  We have lots of activities planned for you and Miss Conway will be live later on in the day to announce the results. We are back on Teams at 9am this morning for our Maths and English activities.  Today’s plans are:

9am – Remember to say good morning on Teams to let us know that you are online.

9:30-10:30 – Maths
Today we will be focusing on triangles. Follow the instructions on Teams to access the lesson. Don’t forget to watch Miss Conway’s video first as she will introduce you to the lesson, then watch the whole White Rose Maths video, pausing it when you are asked to, before completing the worksheet.  You could choose to print the worksheet out or answer the questions in your Maths book.  If you are having trouble accessing Teams, you can complete the White Rose Hub activity by clicking on the following link and then selecting ‘Summer Term – Week 11 (W/c 13th July)’ and watching the video under ‘Lesson 3 – Triangles’.   We have also attached the worksheet to our email.   We will post the Maths answers in the Teams chat at 10.25am.

10:30-11:00 – Break Time
Don’t worry if you are not quite finished your Maths, you can use this time to complete the lesson or use this time to take a break and have a snack before English.  We will still be online if you need any help.

11:00-12:00 – English
Today we have a Spag focus, we will be looking at expanded noun phrases and conjunctions. These are both areas that we have looked at before, but they will really help your diary sound fantastic when you include them. Follow the instructions on Teams to access the lesson and remember, you must watch Miss Whaley’s video before watching the video on Oak National Academy.   If you are having trouble accessing Teams, you can compete the Oak National Academy part of the lesson by clicking on the link below: https://classroom.thenational.academy/lessons/spag-focus-07a5ff

Afternoon tasks:

Today we are going to spend the afternoon outside, let’s hope the weather stays dry! You can choose to do all of the activities or only choose one.

Option 1: Create a memories rock: find a rock and use either felt tips or paint to decorate it with one of your favourite memories of Year 4. You might choose a memory you have already put into your memory box/jar.

Option 2: Create a memories paving stone: just like option 1 use a paving stone in your garden and paint it to show one of your favourite memories of Year 4.

Option 3: Create a subject’s game: for this you need to have a start point and then 3 hoops and an end point. Stand in your start point and ask a grown up to describe a subject to you, if you guess the correct subject you move into the next hoop. If you guess wrong, you must move back again. Your grown up might say things like; for this subject you might use squared paper – Maths. Or for this subject you might have to wear goggles to protect your eyes when doing experiments – Science. You may want to challenge someone in your house to see who can guess the quickest. Could you write your clues in the comments on Facebook or on Teams chat so your friends can have a go at guessing the subject you are thinking about?

We hope you have a lovely day Year 4! Miss Conway and Miss Whaley! X


Year 5

Year 5 – Wednesday 8th July

🌈Good Morning Year 5! 🌈 We hope you are having a lovely week so far…the days are passing us by so quickly! Hopefully you have had a great time reminiscing about some of your favourite moments and achievements from this year!

Today’s Tasks


Log into Teams to find your fractions quiz and your weekly family challenge for today 😊


Today you will look at direct and indirect speech, in preparation for your newspaper report, so log onto Teams to get going 😊

Afternoon – Goodbye Week

  • Task 1 – We love a bit of poetry in Year 5! So, today is the time to get creative! Write an acrostic poem about your time in Year 5 (include facts you have learnt or memories you have) using ‘YEAR FIVE’ as your letters. Let us see your creations! You could decorate your page with a border or small pictures to link with what you have written about.
  • Task 2 – Design a ‘memory rock’ – Paint a rock that can be left somewhere special in your house to remind you of Year 5. It could be a special message to yourself, something that reminds you of a happy time in Year 5, a picture that reminds you of your favourite memory or it could be of you and your friends! Don’t forget to use a piece of paper to design your picture/message first before painting. We would love to see some final creations! 😊

Have a fabulous day – don’t forget to find time to get some fresh air and exercise! Miss you all, love Miss O and Mrs B xxx


Year 6

Wednesday 8th July – Online Learning Year 6 

Good Morning Year 6! We are all working online today. Remember this is the last week of online learning using Teams. We will have Transition to Secondary School activities posted on Facebook, Email and Website next week instead… by now you should have received your “Transition to Secondary school” booklet – please complete at home with your adult 😊

To access your resources today for all of your learning you need to:

  1. Log into Teams
  2. Go to Files (at the top of the page)
  3. Select Class Materials
  5. Select WEEK 6
  6. Select the subject (Maths, English, Guided Reading)
  7. Select the day – Wednesday



Today we are going to begin with Arithmetic. Open the Flashback and complete the questions in your red maths book, the ANSWERS are also attached to self-assess your work and make any necessary corrections.

For the main lesson, we are revising how we calculate fractions of an amount. Open the True or False pdf and see if you can answer the question – is it true or false? The answer is on the second page.

Next, there is an informative video for you to watch using the following link:

which will help you complete today’s task. You can access the task by either opening the ‘fractions of amount’ PowerPoint and completing the questions in your red maths book OR you can open the ‘fractions of amount’ task pdf and print off the questions. When you have completed the task, open the ‘fractions of amount’ answers pdf and self-assess



This week is Reading Week. There are four activities ( Friday is a special day – so no Maths or English!) to choose from in the English file. Remember that if you are in school you only need to complete 3 of the activities when you are at home.

Activity One – This is a text all about discovering America a topic we studied way back in September. Please read the text carefully then answer both the VIPER and vocabulary questions in your blue jotter. The answers are on the final page of the document.

Activity Two – Make your own audio book! Audio books are recordings of a story being read – just like when Miss Parkin and Miss Reay read A Boy Called Hope for you to listen to on Teams. Use a recording device maybe on your phone or i-pad to read a chapter or piece of text aloud. Then play it back and analyse your story telling voice: Are you reading at a good pace or are you too quick? Have you stumbled or made any errors? Do you use different voices for the characters? Have you changed your voice at exciting or scary parts to create emphasis? – There are no resources for this activity but we would LOVE it if you could upload your recordings to our class chat on Teams.

Activity Three – This is a text called, ‘She’s a Witch!’ Please read the text carefully then answer both the VIPER and retrieval questions in your blue jotter. The answers are on the final page of the document.

Activity Four – During your time at Dunston Hill you have gone from sharing picture books in nursery and reception; to learning how to decode and read using Read, Write Inc in KS1 and then reading a range of texts from different authors in KS2 both independently and with your classes. Many of these authors have great websites for you to explore and complete activities. Please use the links below to get to know your favourite authors better!

Michael Morpurgo – https://www.michaelmorpurgo.com/

Roald Dahl – https://www.roalddahl.com/

David Walliams – https://www.worldofdavidwalliams.com/

Jeff Kinney – https://wimpykid.com/

If your favourite author is not listed try typing them into Google to see if they have a webpage for you to explore!


Afternoon: This week is all about saying, “Goodbye!” to Dunston Hill. If you haven’t already seen it, please click here to see our staff and a special message from your class teacher:


This afternoon, we would like you to think about key words and phrases that remind you of your time at Dusnton Hill e.g. care, respect, be more kind, plan of attack, cherubs, tickety-boo, okeydokee, your friend’s names and nicknames etc and make your own version of the following:

You can create free-hand drawing the outline of a shape and arranging the words inside using pens, pencils, crayons etc or access one of the following websites which will help you create one:


https://wordart.com/ and there are others available but choose carefully. Once complete, print it off as a keepsake.

We hope you enjoy this task and we look forward to seeing your fabulous work and effort on today’s Facebook Page!

Have fun and stay safe! ❤️

Miss Parkin and Miss Reay 😊


Nurture and Inclusion

Wellbeing Wednesday – 8th July 

Welcome to Week 9 (our final week) of Wellbeing Wednesday’s with Miss Tuart and Mrs Cox – this week’s theme is ‘being proud’.

We know that this is/has been such a strange time that none of us ever expected and we just wanted to stay how incredibly we proud we are of each and every one of you – you should be extremely proud of yourselves too and remember to celebrate just how wonderful you are!

Here are some photos of us during these strange times – we are proud of what we have done (no matter how big or small!)

We would love to see some photos of things you have been/are proud of whilst being at home.

Don’t forget Mrs Cox is in school today and is available to take calls from parents/carers – please use this if you would like any advice, support or even a friendly voice to chat to. Similarly, please be assured that you can contact school any day of the week – we are always here to talk.

#beproud – Love Miss Tuart and Mrs Cox