Daily Work – 27/03/20

Mar 27, 2020COVID-19


Good morning Nursery! We hope your first week at home has been as fun as can be. All of your teachers have missed you but loved seeing the photos of the dens you have made at home.

This morning: How can you be helpful at home? Learn how to make your bed, put butter or jam on your toast, tidy your toys away or help wash and dry the dishes. You’re very good at this in nursery class!  We look forward to hearing about just how helpful you’ve been.

In the afternoon try some fun Maths activities? This website has some great ideas.


Have a great weekend and enjoy reading with a book or ask a grownup to create a free login for Oxford Owl.


We hope you’re looking forward to joining in with next week’s tasks and until then, keep smiling and playing!


Good morning Reception! We have certainly missed you this week but loved hearing about all the things you have been doing at home. We saw some fantastic photographs of your writing and pictures of Jack and the Bean Stalk, thank you! Well done for working hard this week – we are very proud of you all!

Friday mornings are normally PE mornings so this morning we would like you to:

Think about the different ways you can move across your garden or living room?

  • Which animals can you move like?
  • Which vehicles can you move like?
  • How long can you balance on one leg? Hop? Skip? Jump?

We’d love to see some photos on Facebook messenger.

Afternoon: As you had quite an energetic task this morning, we thought a more relaxing one would be best for this afternoon so…we would like you to complete task 3 on activity board 1:

Ask a grownup to create a free login for Oxford Owl.


Choose a story to listen to then use the pictures to retell the story to your grown-up.

Some of the books even have games!

If you don’t have access to the Internet, then please have some relaxing time with a book sent from school.

You might also like to take a look at the following Maths website for some fun maths ideas: https://www.whiterosemaths.com/homelearning

We hope you have a lovely day and enjoy your weekend too. Have fun and watch out for your tasks on Monday.

Super smiles coming from Mrs Cassidy and Miss Cavanagh 😊

Year 1

Hi everyone! Wow! It’s Friday! We would like to say a HUGE well done to you all for trying so hard this week and for keeping those smiles going! We are so proud of you. 

Maths Task
For your Maths task today, we would like you to practise counting in 2s. Year 1 love singing along with Jack Hartman so have fun counting in 2s whilst having a boogie. Don’t worry about going all the way to 100 like the video, just try your best!
After the video, we’d like you to find as many pairs as you can around the house and count the pairs in 2s to find the total. Think about what the word ‘pair’ means. For example, you might start with a pair of socks…. clean of course! Happy hunting!

English Task
Now usually on a Friday, when we are in school, we don’t do RWInc.! However, today we would like you to do some speed sounds at home!
This link will take you to a Youtube page, where you can watch a speed sounds lesson for the sounds you have been learning!
If you let your grown-up know which RWInc. Group you are in, they will show you which video to watch!
Miss Thompson’s group – Set 1
Mrs O’Hara and Mrs Harm’s groups – Set 2
Miss Bunce, Miss Jobey and Mrs Neve’s groups – Set 3
Your grown-up might like to join in and see how we learn our sounds, too!

After the video, take a look inside your pack. You have some word grids with words using your sounds. Play with a grown-up and place a counter (or whatever you can find to be a counter!) anywhere round the outside. Roll the dice and move your counter. Read the word you move your counter to, and then that word is yours! (Yocould put coins or Lego or whatever you choose on your words!) Keep playing until all the words have gone. Who will claim the most words? 

You also have some blank alien words and a whiteboard pen. Why don’t you get your grown-up to give you some alien words (nonsense words) with your sound in? (E.g. if the sound is ‘ar’, the word might be ‘slarp’). Or you could be the teacher and get your grown-up to practise some words! 

Afternoon Task
This afternoon, we’re going to be scientists! Here is a link to a great Science show:
There are lots to choose from! Today’s episode is about mammals, which we thought you would enjoy! They might even give you some tips on how to make some crafts, too!
Of course, we know you might wish to finish your art from yesterday, too!

We hope you’ve had a great first week of homeschool and that you all have a lovely weekend. Relax, stay safe and keep smiling.

Sending lots of happiness your way!

Miss Bunce and Miss Thompson 

Year 2

Happy Friday Year 2! We are really missing you all.  We hope you’ve had fun doing all of the different tasks and have enjoyed some family time, too. Today’s tasks are as follows.

Maths – use the CGP Arithmetic booklet and complete pages 7 and 8. Today’s focus uses your addition skills. Remember that if you’re finding it tricky, always use the column method! Line up your numbers and start with the ones-column. On page 7, some of your numbers will carry (when you add the ones-column, if it gives you a 2-digit number then you need to carry the ten to under the tens column and don’t forget to add it later). If you’re still finding this tricky, don’t worry and stick to page 8 and complete adding 2-digit numbers and tens.

English – If you have Internet access, log into Purple Mash. We’ve set you a task to do so click on ‘2Dos’ (it’s a red icon at the top left) once you’re logged in and you’ll see it. It will show a task called ‘Rainy Day,’ which will revise your conjunctions knowledge. Remember to read the sentence with the conjunction you’ve selected to check that it makes sense! If you do not have Internet access, find the sheet called ‘Year 2 Spring term 2 SPaG mat 1’ in your pack, which will revise lots of grammar and spelling skills that we have practised this year.

Once you’re done, let’s do some Phonics just like we do in our Read, Write Inc lessons! Use the link https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCo7fbLgY2oA_cFCIg9GdxtQ?fbclid=IwAR2zPh6YahiI_fOxLD_ikMQES-EWj_l_6L8MYTCYYUYMBv-1DePkw5_7–E and choose a Set 3 sounds video if you have an orange, yellow, blue or grey reading book. Even if you’ve finished Read, Write Inc reading books, it’s always good to have a practise! If you have a green, purple or pink reading book,  start with Set 2 video. They’re 10 minutes long but will keep up our fantastic Phonics work!

Afternoon – design your own cartoon strip! Think about what kind of characters might feature – super heroes, animals or even your own friends and family – and decide on the story – are they going on an adventure to space, the jungle, the Arctic, the desert? What or who might they see?  (Remember that you can use your homework book if you don’t have paper.) Send in some photos of your cartoons to the school’s Facebook messenger – we’d love to see them!

Another thing to mention is that Lexia, Times Table Rock Stars and Numbots are available to you every day. Use your log-ins that are inside your packs if you can’t remember them.

Have a great weekend, Year 2!

Mrs Bainbridge and Miss Jobey

Year 3

Year 3 tasks Friday 27th March 2020

We are missing you all, Year 3! Well done to the children who have completed an accelerated reader quiz and have been playing on Time Tables Rockstars. A new tournament starts today within class groups: 3M boys v 3M girls and 3C boys v 3C girls – who will be the winners this time!?

To start the day today, we would like you to do the PE session with Joe Wicks on YouTube. Get ready, it starts at 9am! (Even if you haven’t done any of these yet, we’re sure you’ll do better than Mrs Mc and Mrs Cowan who have been floored by these workouts so far 😀 Keep healthy!

Task 1

Maths – Find the ‘Money’ sheet in your file. Before solving the problems, pick out the key vocabulary in each problem to help you, i.e. the numbers to use, the calculation you’ll need to do etc. If you need more space to solve the problems use the back of the sheet or the extra squared paper in your file.

Task 2

English – Find the ‘Recognising Nouns’ activity. Underline the nouns in the text. Remember a noun can be person, place or an object. When you have completed the activity, see if you can make a list of different nouns which weren’t in the text. These might be nouns in your home, e.g. settee, kitchen, Mam. We have set a 2do on Purple Mash to help you with nouns – Superhero Shopping Trip.

Task 3

To end your week, we thought we would give you a fun task of making a sock puppet! You will need a sock (any sock will do – there’s almost always one spare that comes out of the washing machine all alone!), any craft materials you have in your house and glue. If you haven’t any glue, you could always use your newly learnt sewing skills from our DT lessons to stitch things to your sock! The link below shows a tutorial and Mrs McLean and Mrs Cowan’s sock puppets are available to see on our school website posts too. https://www.facebook.com/watch/?comment_id=211102613442440&v=210454400173928&notif_id=1584905180724768&notif_t=comment_mention

Don’t worry if you can’t do this task – if you head over to the Jim Henson Family Hub website to see lots of videos with real puppets and access lots of great activities – https://www.jimhensonsfamilyhub.com/

Year 4

Morning Year 4 – One more day before a well-deserved break!

Maths – Let’s have another times table morning!  Find the link to ‘Hit the Button’ and spend 20 minutes trying to beat your previous score.  https://www.topmarks.co.uk/maths-games/hit-the-button

Spelling – Go to the spelling section in your pack and fine the Year 3/4 common exception words.  Choose 10 words and try to think of a creative way to learn them.  Remember to ask a grown up to quiz you at the end!

Time to get creative… This afternoon we would like you to create something linked to Easter. For this you could draw a picture or create a model. Get your grown up to take a picture of what you have created and send your photographs to us through Facebook messenger.  We can’t wait to see your creations!

Remember to still read for a minimum of 15 minutes and if you need to complete a quiz then copy and paste the following link: Ukhosted5.renlearn.co.uk/2244890

Year 5

We made it Year 5!

Not quite the same week as we would normally have at school, with all of the lovely smiles and chat – but we are thinking about you all every day. We hope that you have enjoyed the tasks that you have done so far, and the additional word of the day. It would be great if you could use these new words in your writing in the future !

The weather has been very kind to us this week, but next week won’t be quite as warm. Don’t let this stop you from getting some fresh air – just wrap up a little warmer and keep active. Remember to share on the FB group any pictures of activities that you have done or are proud of during the week – it really is fantastic to see them.

Have a fabulous weekend  – set yourself a personal goal , for example – to keep your room tidy / make your bed / help with dishes etc and try your best to stick with it!. We are super proud of you all 😊

Friday 27th March

  • Your Maths task today is to complete the ‘Addition and Subtraction 4-digit worded calculations’ worksheet. Use your column method to help you. Remember to read the question carefully and highlight any important words or numbers to help you.
  • Your English task today is to complete the ‘Creative Writing Task: Film Review’. You could choose the last film you watched or your favourite film. You need to be clear to the reader what the film is about, who it suitable for and whether you would recommend watching it! It might be an idea to read it aloud to someone and you could ask them what they have understood about the film to check to see if your review is clear enough. Use the lined paper and if you need more, continue in your blue exercise book.
  • Afternoon session: Art/PSHE – Design a postcard (you could use paper from your book / plain paper or card) and write a nice message on it for someone special. Think about someone in your wider family who might actually love to receive a post card from you – and you could perhaps use a daily walk with a family member to post it 😊

Word of the day : Voluminous – very big, roomy or lots of it. Usually used to describe clothes or furnishings.

Why not : Arrange all of the letters of this word in alphabetical order.

Write an advert using this word – you could describe a house or a dress, for example.

Weekend challenge : It could be fun to plan a meal this weekend with your family. You could take votes on what people want and then decide on something yummy to cook. This could include: reading a new recipe, making it, setting the table and of course clearing up! If you want to go a step further – you could ask for a review on your meal too. Who knows how many new recipes you could discover! Again – why not post some of your creations over the weekend for your friends to see.

Have fun and stay safe everyone, Mrs Berry and Miss Ornsby xxx

Year 6

It’s FRI-YAY! 27th March 2020.

Gosh! What a week Year 6! Miss Reay and I love working with you every morning on Teams and will be raring to go again, after today, on Monday at 9am with Joe Wicks.

Today’s plan: Today is the last day to quiz for your Accelerated Reader Points for Spring 2. The new points start again on Monday as we had to swap things about! Please use the link:


to quiz.

9am – Joe Wicks PE – did you spot yesterday what had changed in his living room?

9:30 – 10:30: Maths Arithmetic page 1 and 4. Number, Ratio and Algebra page 4 with an additional task to do in your blue jotters.

10:30 – 11:00: Break

11 – 11:30 SPaG Punctuation pages 10 and 11. Spelling PPT too please!

11:30 – 12:15 Guided Reading – NON Fiction Book pages 6,8,9,11.

Afternoon –

Reading Plus or Read and Relax 😊

History: Rationing in WW2 was a topic you said you would like to learn about. So this is the plan..

Watch: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gb9U9Qq_T0Q

Open the PPT in Teams called “ Friday 27th March Afternoon” and follow the instructions!

Create your fact-file based on the PPT and any additional research you wish to do 😊 We would love to see any photos of you working on your Rationing Fact-file, if your parents would like to send them to our Facebook Messenger 😊

Nurture and Inclusion

Miss Tuart and Mrs Cox have spotted a lovely idea for any of you who wish to try – why not start a new thing in your house today. Each time you wish you could do something, go somewhere, treat yourselves, see someone you love, visit a new place, invite people to visit you – write it down on a post it note and put it in a jar. When all of this is over, this will be your bucket list and you can work your way through it and be more grateful than ever for the little and lovely things in your lives. Until then, you can enjoy watching the jar fill up with magical things to look forward to!
Yesterday (26.03.20) some of you will have received an email from school with contact details for Kirsty Smith (Trailblazer/RISE professional) if your child has worked with her/they are on the waiting list to work with her. Her service has been redeployed within the NHS at present, however, she is available via phone/email to offer support and guidance when she can. I believe she has also contacted/is contacting relevant parents/carers.
As mentioned yesterday on Facebook, Mrs Cox (our Family Support Worker) is available to take calls from parents/carers today (27.03.20) between 9am and 11.30am – please use this if you would like any advice, support or even a friendly voice to chat to.
We have also added further resources/activities, which you may wish to access, such as mindfulness activities. Click here: