Daily Work – 24/3/20

Mar 24, 2020COVID-19


Tuesday 24th March

Good morning Nursery. We hope you are enjoying some time with your family. Look at maths challenge no.7 from your pack and talk about who has the biggest hands in your family? Who has the smallest hands? How can you tell? Choose one of the hands to draw around.

This afternoon use the internet and login to Purple Mash (your login details are on the front page of your pack).  Spend ten minutes exploring Mini Mash. There are lots of fun activities to play.


Tuesday 24th March

Good morning Reception. We hope you enjoyed your activities yesterday! It was lovely to read your comments about the minibeasts you found, well done and thank you. Your posts made us smile 😊. Lovely to read that lots of you were getting some exercise too.

Ideas for your tasks today:

There might be more people at home with you today than there normally would be because lots of grown-ups are working from home. We know you’re a kind and thoughtful group of children so this morning we would like for you to show how you can be #be more kind and complete task 6 on task board 1:

Carry out some acts of kindness! You could: help to wash the dishes or unload the dish washer; put the washing away; help to make a meal or share a smile! We’re sure you could think of your own ideas too and we’d love to hear and see what you have been up to.

This afternoon we would like you to complete activity 3 on task board 2:

We have started to look at our teen numbers. Count out 12, 13 or 14 different items. If you can, put them in a line to check the total. What other numbers can you count out?

Please let us know what weird and wonderful things you find to count.

Sending lots of happy smiles, Mrs Cassidy and Miss Cavanagh.

Year 1

Morning Year 1! We hope you enjoyed your day yesterday and had fun with your tasks! 

Maths Task 

For Maths practice this morning, we would like you to continue your number bonds to 20 practice with the snakes and ladders game in your pack! We hope you beat your grown up! 

English Task 

Today for your English task we would love you to read a book with an adult at home, draw your favourite character and write a few sentences to describe this character. This could be your home reader or your favourite book!

Afternoon Task 

This afternoon, we’d love you to use PurpleMash to complete the Music 2do we have set you. Login and then click alerts to see your task! Have a go at playing the different instruments, then hit the red Record button to record your work! Try playing it back and changing the tempo (speed). 

If you save it, we can listen to your masterpieces! We can’t wait! Have a great day. 

From Miss Bunce and Miss Thompson 

Year 2

Morning Year 2,

We hope you’re all doing well and you managed to have a go at the tasks set yesterday. Remember just try your best and please don’t worry if you found something tricky or didn’t manage to do a task!

Here are the tasks for today:

Maths – Please use CGP Arithmetic booklet and complete counting in steps of 5 and 10 (on pages 3-4). If you find this tricky – you could use a 100 square to help (google 100 square) and you can use the space in your booklet to make jottings if this helps.

English – Common Exception Words (1) – this is a double sided sheet.

Afternoon – Make a rainbow and pop it in your window. Let’s see if we can make our area bright!

Try a little bit of Yoga, go to the link below and choose whichever adventure you would like.


Take care!

From Mrs Bainbridge and Miss Jobey

Year 3

Good morning Year 3, we hope enjoyed yesterday’s activities and have all put up your rainbow pictures in your windows. We loved making our rainbows at home! Have a look out of your window and see how many rainbows you can see.

Some of you may have already noticed we have set you a new Times Tables Rockstar tournament. Wonder which class will win this week? Get playing Year 3!

Task 1

Maths – Find the ‘Emoji Multiplication Mosaic’ in your file. Which emoji do you think it will be? If you need to, work out the answers on the back of your sheet and remember you can use arrays or column multiplication to help you. Challenge! How many ways can you make 80? Here is the first one for you –  10 x 8 = 80

Task 2

English – Read the front page in your pack that says ‘English’ at the top. This reminds you to use your Year3/4 word mat to write sentences with the correct punctuation and spelling of these words (and words you already know).  Write 4 sentences containing some of these words and conjunctions (make them interesting!). You can also log on to Purple Mash today https://www.purplemash.com/sch/dunston-hill and access the 2do ‘Alien Time’.  Drag the conjunctions into the gaps in the sentences to make them make sense. Reread them to check. See how many levels you get through before the time runs out!

Task 3

Geography (find the squared paper with the small Geography sheet stapled to the top) – After your lunch, we would like you to record how many vehicles pass your house or how many you can see in your street.  Look for this sheet in your file and use the squared paper to represent your findings in a pictogram or bar chart. What does your bar chart/pictogram show you? Which vehicle was the most popular in your street? Write some sentences explaining your findings.


Year 4

Morning Year 4! We hope you that you managed to complete yesterday’s tasks, as well as spend quality time with your family.  

Maths – Today we would like you to complete Maths activity 2. Use your recap sheet from yesterday to help you.  

English – After that, finish your English activity from yesterday or if you have already finished, then read through your work, make corrections and up-level any vocabulary. Make sure you have included everything from your success criteria.  

Science – In the afternoon, we would like you to read the science activity in your pack and research your chosen animal to help you for tomorrow’s activity, record your findings in your homework book.  

Remember to still read for a minimum of 15 minutes and if you need to complete a quiz then copy and paste the following link: Ukhosted5.renlearn.co.uk/2244890  

Year 5

Good Morning Year 5 – we hope you managed to give some of yesterday’s activities a go and were able to keep yourselves busy 😊. Remember to tune into The Body Coach again, if you can, at 9am! It’s a good way to wake yourself up!

Tuesday 24  March

  • Your Maths task today is to complete the ‘Maths Mosaic’ worksheet – you will need some colouring pens or pencils for this.
  • Your English task today is to complete the ‘Use Brackets to Show Parenthesis’ worksheet.
  • Afternoon session: PSHE – play some board games/dominoes/cards or complete a jigsaw.

A little extra – ‘Word of the day’ today is… vermilion – a bright red colour. Can you:

  1. Write a list of things that could be vermilion
  2. Write a list of other words you can find for the colour ‘red’.
  3. Find out how many points the word is worth (A = 1 point, B = 2 points, C = 3 points etc)?

Year 6

Tuesday 24th March

Morning Year 6! Wow – how great were you yesterday at using Teams to communicate with us and complete your tasks? We are very impressed! This is today’s plan 😊 (remember times are totally flexible to help you and your families). Miss Parkin and Miss Reay are on-line 9am -12:15pm)

9 – 9:30: Join in with Joe Wicks PE lesson

9:30- 10:30: Maths – we are completing Arithmetic – Page 5 and then Number, Ratio and Algebra book – Page 19 (Q4-5) then page 20 (Q6-8)

10:30 – 11:00: Break time

11:00 – 11:30: SPaG – we are completing Punctuation book – pages 4 and 5

11:30-12:15 – Guided Reading – we are completing Fiction book – pages 8 and 9.

Afternoon – Linked to our science topic of Inheritance and Evolution – watch Horrible Histories Series 4 Episode 4 on i-Player


OR remembering your social distancing of 2 metres – go outside and draw or take pictures of nature – it could be your pet, a flower or the view from your garden. Let’s celebrate the beauty of Spring! 😊