Daily Work – 23/3/20

Mar 23, 2020COVID-19


Good morning Nursery! We hope you’ve had a lovely weekend. We hope you enjoy the activities we have planned.

Now here is a challenge: Can you practice putting your coat on (and zip it up if this is too easy) before your grown up counts to 20? Which other items of clothing can you do this with?

In the afternoon: You enjoyed reading the story of Simon Sock which was read by our visit from the librarian. Ask your grown up to hide lots of socks around the house.  Can you match them to make pairs? How many pairs of socks did you find?]


Good morning Reception! We hope you’ve had a lovely weekend. Today is the first day to explore your home-learning grids and we hope you enjoy the activities we have planned. Lots of you enjoyed looking for mini-beasts last week in our Environmental Area so today we would like you to complete activity 4 on your task board 1.

If there is a safe space outside, go on a minibeast hunt! How many different minibeasts can you find? Draw a picture of the different minibeasts you found. You could even write the number next to them to show how many you found.

It would be great for you to ask a grown up to put a comment on Facebook to let us know what you managed to find.

This afternoon we would like you to complete activity 1 on your task board 1.

Use the Internet and login to Purple Mash (your login details are stuck in the front of your reading diary or in your home-learning file).  Spend ten minutes exploring Mini Mash.

There are lots of fun activities to play.

Please let us know what you found and what you enjoyed most.

Year 1

Maths Task

Hello from Miss Bunce and Miss Thompson

For Maths practice this morning, we would like you to practise your number bonds to 10 on Topmarks – Hit the Button. Using the link below, select ‘Number Bonds’ and then ‘Make 10’.

Then have a go at using what you know about bonds to 10 to try number bonds to 20!
If you are unable to access this, try the number bonds to 10 cut and stick activity in your pack.

English Task

The tricky troll from ‘The Three Billy Goat’s Gruff’ has set you a tricky word challenge in your pack! Give it a go and see if you can beat him with your spelling skills!

Afternoon Task

This afternoon, we’d love you to get stretching and relaxing with some Cosmic Kids Yoga.
Choose whichever adventure you would like!


Year 2

Hi Year 2,

We hope you’ve had a lovely weekend! Here are today’s tasks (23.3.20):

Maths – please use CGP Arithmetic booklet and complete counting in steps of 2 and 3 (on pages 1-2).

English – please use CGP KS1 English Comprehension booklet and complete reading comprehensions ‘How to grow a seed’ and ‘making lemonade’ (on pages 2-3).

Afternoon – Plant the ‘Green Friday’ paper to grow your own plant. Remember to water it and take photos to document its progress!

From Mrs Bainbridge and Miss Jobey

Year 3

Task 1

Maths – find the sheet in your pack that says ‘Interpreting Scaled Pictograms’. Look carefully at the key at the side to check how many each picture represents then read and answer the questions. Remember to double check if the picture has been halved. For some of the questions, you might want to do a calculation to work out the answer – use the squared paper in your pack for this. Do the other side of the sheet too. Which data was easier to read, the pictogram or the bar chart? Remember to make some questions of your own up – test your grown-ups!

Task 2

English – Find the sheet entitled ‘Mother’s Day’. Read the text carefully to find out what Mother’s Day is all about then turn it over to read the questions. Remember to check back in the text to find the answer and look for key words to help you. Highlight parts and re-read to check you’ve understood. Don’t forget to answer the last question – it’s the most important!

Task 3

Make a rainbow! You might have noticed that around Dunston there are some rainbows peeping out from windows to make everyone smile. Our year 1 children started this on our last day; let’s see if we can make Dunston bright! Add some words or phrases around the poster from our school song ‘Be More Kind’ or something else that reminds us of how to behave to each other.

Year 4

Good morning Year 4. Miss Conway and Miss Whaley hope you all had a great weekend. To replace our usual singing assembly, find ‘Be Kind’ on Youtube and sing it with your family at home.

Maths – Today, we would like you to complete Maths activity 1. Our next unit in maths is ‘Time’ use this activity to recap telling the time, it would be a great idea to sit with a clock and a grown up to help you.

English – Then we would like you to make a start on English activity 1. Choose your favourite book you would like to retell, remember to use the success criteria in your pack to help you write your story.

P.E – In the afternoon, complete workout 1 from the P.E section in your pack. (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d3LPrhI0v-w)

Remember to still read for a minimum of 15 minutes and if you need to complete a quiz then copy and paste the following link: Ukhosted5.renlearn.co.uk/2244890

Year 5

Hello Year 5! We hope you are all well. The tasks that we are going to set for you are to be done whenever works best for you and your family during the day. We would advise that you stagger them so that you have breaks in between – just like school!

We don’t want you to worry if you cannot complete an aspect of your work, the most important thing is that you give it a try. Your activities are labelled as follows: EG Week 1, Activity 1 is for Monday, Week 1, Activity 2 is for Tuesday etc. If your worksheet has space to complete the task, use this otherwise, complete any working out or written answers in the blue exercise book in your pack. Put the date and activity number underlined at the start of each task. EG: 23.3.20 Week 1 Activity 1

Do NOT worry about your tasks – keep busy, keep safe and most of all have lots of fun. Remember at 9am EVERY morning, there is a live 30 minute PE session with Joe Wickes – try your best to do this every day to keep active. Don’t forget…you can log onto Timetables Rockstars or read your reading books at any time.

Best wishes from Miss Ornsby and Mrs Berry

Monday 23rd March

  • Your Maths task today is to complete the ‘Order Egg Fractions’ worksheet and the ‘Multiply Egg Fractions’ worksheet – you can do your working out on the sheet or on some paper (you might want to use the back of your blue exercise book for this).
  • Your English task today is the ‘Woolly Mammoth’ reading comprehension – read the text and answer the questions on the back.
  • Afternoon session: PE – Choose a PE activity (or two!) from the following link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L_A_HjHZxfI&list=PLJ_VoGBcjVsoqSEjPSUl5HajeNjoSbyF0

Year 6

Good Morning Year 6! 😊

If you are unable to access your learning via Microsoft Teams this is your learning for today:


Arithmetic book – page 1 and 4

Number, ratio and algebra book – page 1 (Q1-3)

Punctuation book – page 2 and 3

Reading Fiction book – Task 1 – Read all of the Text “The Baking Battle” Task 2 – Complete pages 6-7.


Reading Plus – 30 minutes if possible.

Create a rainbow picture to display in your window to spread kindness in our community.

Nurture and Inclusion

Our lovely children will have never experienced anything like this before and the thought of being off school for weeks is likely to sound like so much fun – your children are probably imagining playing out, visiting friends, going to soft plays etc, not the reality of being ‘trapped’ at home and not seeing their friends. We therefore need to show understanding, love, kindness and support over the coming weeks.

There is a chance you may see changes in your child’s behaviour, actions, moods etc as their school routine is no longer there. You may see more defiance, tears and oppositional behaviour –  feel reassured that this is normal and so many others will be experiencing the same under these circumstances. What your children need right now is to feel comforted, reassured and loved. Try not to overthink the unknown: let wisdom and logic lead the way!

Click the link https://tinyurl.com/v8hdly3 for some helpful resources you can use (if you wish) – you can access online or print to support your child and family at this time. We will offer regular resources, advice and links over the coming weeks, but we are very mindful not to overload you as parents/carers and your children.