Daily Work – 13/5/20

May 13, 2020COVID-19


Nursery – Wednesday 13th May  

Good morning Nursery and Happy Wednesday!

We hope you are all well and managing to do some fun playing at home and spend some time outside.

Wakey wakey

Let’s wake our bodies up with some ‘Cosmic Yoga’!

Today’s yoga is ‘Squish the Fish’ which is a lovely theme to follow. Enjoy your ‘trip’ to see Squish and pretend to make those sandwiches for your journey to visit him.

Link to Cosmic Yoga:


RWI Phonics

Today’s set one sound is ’th’ YouTube Ruth Miskin Training website:


Maths activity:

It’s also National Maths Day and today which we have linked with a PE activity. All you need is a box or basket and some pairs of socks or soft toys. Place the box at one end of the room and see how many items you can you can throw into the box.  It’s a lot of fun! How will you record how may you’ve managed to throw in? What happens if you give yourself two points for every time you score? Who got the most in from your family? Did you use an over-arm or under-arm throw?

PE activities – Let’s get moving:

Are you ready to move like an animal? Ask your grown-up to read the actions that some animals make (looking at the picture).  When they call the animal can you move like it?  You could turn it into a challenge by asking them to guess which animal you are doing? Can you think of other animals to copy? Can you remember the animals we have done in nursery such as snake and kangaroo?

Frog jump – hop up and down like a frog

Bear walk – with your hands and feet low on the floor, hips high moving right to left.

Gorilla shuffle – in a low sumo squat, use your hands to walk around and balance and shuffle around the room

Starfish jumps– spread your arms and legs wide and jump up and down

Cheetah run – run on the spot as fast as you can just like the fastest animal in the jungle.

Crab walk – sitting down, place your palms on the ground behind you. Lift your hips and crawl on your hands and feet.

Elephant stomps – march in place, stomping your feet as hard as you can.

Have a lovely day Nursery and keep smiling while you play, play, play!


Reception Wednesday 13th May

Good morning Reception. There were some great spider pictures yesterday and we continue to be impressed with your writing, well done! Today is National Numeracy Day so there will be some additional maths ideas. We love maths in school!

Phonics: Set one sound of the day is: ‘th’Set two sound of the day is: ‘igh’. An alternative activity could be to play ‘splat the sound’ Make your own set of set one or set two sound cards (either on paper or card) and place 5 of them on the floor. Ask a grown up to say one of the sounds and you use either a fly swat, a fish slice or your hand to ‘splat’ the correct sound. You could then swap and see if you can catch your grown up out. Do they know all of the  sounds?

Writing – Today we would like you to pick 5 green words and 2 red words and write some sentences. We’d love to see how creative you can be. You might even like to draw a picture to match your work. We chose the following words:

Green words: cup   shop    wet    jam   red

Red words:  I and my

We used the words to write:

  • I went to the shop.
  • The jam is red and sweet.
  • My cup is wet.

Maths – Today we would like you to play a little game. Maybe you can ask a grown up or a brother or sister to play with you. All you need is a dice, some paper and a pencil (if you don’t have dice at home you could use an interactive one online). Follow the link and it will tell you the rules of the game. https://wrm-13b48.kxcdn.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/05/Day-3-The-very-busy-spider.pdf.

Mrs Cassidy used to love playing beetle drive when she was younger so she’ll be playing at home today too.

After why don’t you try learning a new ‘Incy Wincy’ spider song. With this song you can use 10 frames to help you. We’d love to hear some recordings!

PE week activities:

Can you make different shapes with your bodies? Remember we made a triangle at school with your friends. You might need a grown up’s help too.

You could also try becoming a family of robots:

Ask a grown up or sibling to be a robot. Use directional language (forwards, backwards, left, right, clockwise and anti-clockwise) to instruct them to move around your house or garden. Perhaps there could be some treasure that you would like them to get to. You could then become the robot.

Have a lovely day 😊

Mrs Cassidy and Miss Cavanagh


Year 1

Year 1 13th May
Happy Wednesday everyone! Today is…. National Numeracy Day!
This is a day where we celebrate everything about Maths!

Maths is everywhere and sometimes we just don’t realise it! Some of you will have noticed this on your number hunt the other week, when you found lots of numbers around your house. Some places where we see Maths and don’t even realise include: on buses; in shops when we see prices, or how much is in something; seeing what time our favourite TV show is on; and the shapes that make up the world around us. 

This afternoon, we hope you enjoy some of our Maths related PE activities!

Today’s tasks: 
Maths – 
We are still continuing with our normal Maths lessons today.
This morning, we are both adding and subtracting using stories (worded problems).
Today’s lesson is Summer Term – Week 4, Lesson 3 (w/c 11th May) https://whiterosemaths.com/homelearning/year-1/
Listen carefully to the lesson. Remember – you can pause or rewatch it as much as you like! The following might be useful when you are watching: 

  • Paper and pencil 
  • Part whole model (you can draw your own 😊 ) 

Instead of completing the worksheets as usual, today we are going to share some word problems for you to try. Think carefully about the question – is it addition or subtraction? Will you use a part whole model? Will you draw a picture?

Q1. First, there are 7 ladybirds on a leaf.
       Then, 5 more ladybirds land on the leaf.
       How many ladybirds are there now? 

Q2. Miss Bunce has 14 cupcakes. She gives 8 to Miss Thompson.
       How many cupcakes does Miss Bunce have left?


Some children will find this more challenging than others. Please do not worry about this. If you think it is more appropriate for your child, why not practise some addition and subtraction skills?
Here are some suggestions: 

  • Play a board game with two dice where they have to add up both numbers. 
  • Treasure hunt – suggest an object you would find lots of around the house e.g. socks. Both you and your child have 20s. How many socks can you find? Now work out how many you have altogether. 
  • If you have blocks or Lego, challenge your child e.g. Make a tower with 12 + 5 blocks. Make a bridge with 17 – 3 blocks. 
  • https://www.topmarks.co.uk/addition/robot-addition – a fun matching game with a numberline to support addition. You can also choose which numbers to work within. 
  • https://www.topmarks.co.uk/subtraction/subtraction-to-10 – subtraction within 10, using images to support. 
  • https://www.topmarks.co.uk/maths-games/hit-the-button – Hit the Button Number Bonds has addition and subtraction games. 

Extra Challenge
If your child has coped well with the word problems above, why not get them to write their own word problem for someone in their house to solve! Or, they could share it in the comments for their friends to try 😊  

English – 
RWInc. Time!
Miss Thompson’s group – Set 1 
Mrs O’Hara and Mrs Harm’s groups – Set 2 
Miss Bunce, Miss Jobey and Mrs Neve’s groups – Set 3 

Today is our third day completing tasks on ‘The Highway Rat’ by Julia Donaldson. We hope you are enjoying it as much as we are! Remember you can watch the story here: https://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/b09kkt1k/the-highway-rat 

The Highway Rat makes some bad choices in the book and we think it is time he apologised! Imagine that you are the Highway Rat; can you write an apology from the Highway Rat to the other animals that he stole from to say sorry for what he had done and ask for their forgiveness? 

We have created a template for you to use which contains a word bank of possible sentence starters. As always, you could print this or just use it as a reference. 
The Highway Rat template

Today we have PE and Numeracy combined! This means that our afternoon activities are going to be sporty but with a Maths twist. We have created a list of our favourite activities for you to choose from. We can’t wait to see your photos of what you get up to: 

  • If you have an outdoor space and some chalk/ stone, draw your own hopscotch grid! 
  • If you have empty plastic bottles or small boxes, make your own skittles. Write a different number on each – roll a ball and see which numbers you knock down. Can you add them together? You could number 1-10 and look at number bonds or addition and subtraction. 
  • Make a healthy snack for after your PE activities. Count/ measure your ingredients and create a recipe to share with your friends.

If you get a little worn out after all of your activities, why not settle down with a nice boardgame. This is an example of Maths that you might not even realise! Miss Bunce and Miss Thompson love a game of Monopoly or Snakes and Ladders. 

We hope you are enjoying lots of books while you’re at home 📚 Miss Bunce and Miss Thompson are enjoying some reading in the garden when it is not raining! Remember, you can select a reading book just like you’d get in school; this is outlined in an email sent the 27th April. You might also enjoy checking out this website to see and hear more books being read to you:

Happy reading!
🌈 Have a great day you marvellous mathematicians! 🌈  

Miss Thompson and Miss Bunce x  

Year 2

Year 2    13th May

Happy Wednesday, Year 2, and a huge thank you to all of you who have posted some of pictures of your activities from this week! We have loved seeing the different ways that you have completed the tasks and it just shows how hard you are working! A big well done and we hope that you enjoy today’s activities just as much.

We are going to get started with Joe Wicks at 9am this morning. We feel like we’re getting a bit stronger, after doing the workouts for all this time. We wonder if you feel the same?

Daily tasks –

Maths – Today is all about addition of 2-digit numbers. This is something that you will be very familiar with from school! Follow the link https://whiterosemaths.com/homelearning/year-2/ and click on ‘Summer Term – Week 4 (w/c 11th May)’ and then choose ‘Lesson 2 – Add 2-digit numbers.’ Once you have finished watching the video, open the worksheet, which is attached to the email version of this post and here also Lesson 2 Add 2-digit numbers (2) 2019. There is also a guidance sheet to help you. Our top tip for adding 2-digit numbers is to line up your place value and start with the ones column! Question 6 is particularly tricky so don’t worry if you miss it out. If you do manage to solve it, please show your answer in the comments! We will be seriously impressed.

English – We are going to be completing some reading comprehension today, Year 2. Open up your CGP Reading Comprehension booklets and turn to page 20. What a coincidence! The theme is…sports. Read the text carefully and then answer the questions. Remember to search for the answers as they are all in the text. If you have finished this comprehension quite quickly, go on a book scavenger hunt! For example, find a non-fiction book, find a cook book, find a book about space…

Phonics – Read Write Inc daily lessons can be watched from 10.30am onwards everyday – click on this link  https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCo7fbLgY2oA_cFCIg9GdxtQ

Join in with the speed sound lesson and the word time spelling lesson as well. Remember to tick or fix! Choose Set 3 sounds video if you have an orange, yellow, blue or grey reading book. If you have a green, purple or pink reading book, choose Set 2 sounds video. If you can’t logon, then you can find green words and red words at the back of your reading diaries.

If you do not read ‘Read Write Inc’ reading books, we’d like you to come up with some new rhymes to help remember some special friends. For example, we use ‘ar – start the car’ currently. Can you think of a new rhyme for ‘er’ (better letter)? Remember that the sounds need to feature in the words of the rhyme.


PE – As well as PE week, it is also National Numeracy Day today. So our PE activities are going to have a bit of a maths element today, too. You don’t have to complete all of the activities, although it’s great if you do!

Activity One – using a ball or beanbag or something that you can throw in the air, we’d like you to count in 2, 5, 10 etc each time it is thrown. How many 2s, 5s or 10s can you count before you drop the ball? What is your highest score? Can you beat someone in your household?

Activity Two – Use empty plastic bottles or small boxes to make some skittles (like bowling pins). Write a different number between 1 and 20 on each skittle – roll a ball and see which numbers you knock down. Can you add them together? Can you find the difference (subtract them)?

Activity Three – Follow this link https://www.bbc.co.uk/teach/supermovers/ks1-maths-fractions-with-joe-tracini/zmjy2sg  to find a Supermovers video, all about fractions. As a warning, it’s very catchy! You might find yourself singing along.

Activity Four – You might also need a rest from all of the PE activities so you could play games with dice like snakes and ladders, Monopoly or even design your own maths game.

Enjoy your day today, Year 2. We are already looking forward to seeing the pictures you post!

From Mrs Bainbridge and Miss Jobey

Year 3

Year 3 Wednesday 13th May 

Morning everyone! Today is National Numeracy Day so our PE activities are linked with maths :-D.  Please share photos of today’s maths activities – we would love to see them! 

Today’s tasks: 

Maths As today is National Numeracy Day, we would like you to get active at the start of our Maths lesson and use the link https://www.bbc.co.uk/teach/supermovers/ks2-maths-the-8-times-table-with-filbert-fox/z4mrhbk to practice your 8 times tables. When you are finished you could practise your other times tables (3s, 4s or 6s). 

Then go to https://whiterosemaths.com/homelearning/year-3/ Summer term – week 2 (w/c 27 April) – Lesson –  Problem Solving.  Today’s lesson is different to the previous lessons. There are no Flashback 4 questions and the problems you need to solve are only on the video.  Watch and listen carefully to how the lady solves them solve the first problems. She breaks it up into steps and uses a bar model to help her solve the answer.  You will then be asked to have a turn at solving the second and third problems, you will need to do this on paper and just like the first problem you will to divide and then multiply to help you solve the final answer. Don’t worry if you find these tricky, you will be shown how to solve themThe next part of the video are examples of calculations with shapes in.  These will help you to understand your final problem. 

English – First, read part 1 of the mystery story attached to the email (and available on the school website in our year 3 daily post section). Some of the words and phrases in the story are designed to help you picture what is going on in your head. Read the following phrases and find their meaning in a dictionary or on the internet. Then, write or draw (or just talk with someone in your house) what the following phrases make you think: 

  • encircled by its high sandstone walls 
  • congestion and bustle 
  • magnificent marble staircase 
  • The children, perplexed, hurried after Mrs Smith 
  • ran breathlessly  

Can you spot where the story turns from a lovely summer’s afternoon into something more mysterious? Which clues are planted by the author to interest the reader and make the mystery begin to appear? 

Mystery story part 1 reading


Workout – 

Challenge – estimate how many of the following exercises you can do in one minute and record it. Time yourself doing the exercises and count the actual amount. Were you close? Calculate the difference between your estimate and your actual number of repetitions. 

  • Star jumps 
  • Sit-ups 
  • Press-ups 

Year 4

 Year 4 – Wednesday 13th May 

 Rise and shine Year 4!  Are you ready for another active day?  We are half-way through P.E week now, but don’t worry, we have lots more activities to come!  We are also onto day 3 of our new Times Tables Rock Stars tournament, we have just checked and at the moment Year 5 are in the lead, but it is very close!  Let’s find out what you will be getting up to today! 

 Joe Wicks is waiting for you at 9am and we would love for you to join in, especially how this week we are focussing on keeping fit! 

 Remember give yourself a break from your tasks and tune in at 11am to hear David Walliams read 20 minutes of ‘Bad Dad.  


 Maths – Well done, we have now finished our unit on money.  Our next focus will be multiplying and dividing, we know that you are brilliant at using these two operations, all of your hard work on TTR has certainly paid off!  To begin, click on the following link and then make sure you select ‘Summer Term Week 3 w/c 4th May’.  We will be following lesson 1 and recapping how to ‘Multiply 2-digit numbers by 1-digit numbers’.  First, watch the video clip which will remind you how to use the expanded written method and then the short-written method.  It would be a good idea for you to have a copy of the worksheet next to you, as the video will refer to the questions throughout. You could choose to print the worksheet or copy the questions into your blue book.  There is also a section which shares the answers, so once you are finished you could then mark your own work. https://whiterosemaths.com/homelearning/year-4/ 

 English – How did you get on yesterday?  Today, we will continue with the same unit on news reports, but we will focus on making inferences, which is a very important objective in Year 4.  We have looked at these types of questions a lot, so we hope that you whizz through!  Click on the link below to get started.  First, it will ask you to complete a quiz, then it will take you to a video clip for you to watch, during this video clip you may need a pencil and your blue book to make some notes. You can pause the video at any time and resume when you are ready.  After that, there are some slides which share the news report again then if you click on the little arrow, it will take you to some questions for you to answer.  To finish off it will ask you to take a final quiz.  Remember all the answers to the questions can be found in the text so keep going back to it and read it carefully.   https://www.thenational.academy/year-4/english/news-report-reading-comprehension-inference-year-4-wk3-2 

 Afternoon tasks: 

 As well as it being P.E Week, today is National Numeracy day; a day to celebrate maths in our everyday life!  Therefore, your P.E task today will involve some maths.  Before you begin the activity, we would like you to fill up a cup with some cold water to keep you hydrated whilst you are exercising.  However, we would like you to use a measuring jug to measure how much water you are drinking.  Could you do this over the next 24 hours and add up the measurements each time? 

 We also have one more activity before you get started and we think you will love this one!  We would like you to make a healthy snack for you to have after your workout but to help celebrate National Numeracy day, we would like you to weigh out all of your ingredients.  Could you record this and let us know in the comments?  We would love to copy some of your healthy snacks! 

 P.E – How did you find yesterday’s P.E challenge?  Have you managed to mark off your first mile?  Remember you could complete this anywhere, whether it is around your local around, or doing laps of your garden!  Today, your challenge is to climb the height of The Angel of the North! I know this sounds hard, but did you know you could do this from your very own home? See the image attached. All you need to do is complete each exercise on the list to reach the top of The Angel of the North. Ask a grown up to time you and see how long it takes you to reach the top. Comment your time and photographs in the comments below. You could even challenge a member of your family to see who can reach the top first! 

 Remember to look out for today’s 3pm challenge on our Facebook page.  I wonder what you will be asked to do today   

 Now to finish off your day, we thought you might need a rest… What about playing a game with a dice?  This could be snakes and ladders, Monopoly, or any other game which you have at home.  If you can’t get your hands on one, what about making your own?  

 We hope that you enjoy today’s tasks and spend some quality time with your family playing your game.  As always, we can’t wait to see what you get up to!  Miss Whaley and Miss Conway X 

Year 5


Year 5 – Wednesday 13th May

Happy Wednesday Year 5! The week is steaming on ahead! We hope you managed to locate the worksheets on yesterday’s post okay. Don’t worry if you didn’t manage all of  the questions, all that matters is that you have a go if you can. We hope you are enjoying PE week too. Who attempted the sock jump challenge? How many did you manage? Let us know in the comments 😊


In today’s lesson, we are back to our favourite topic – fractions! 😊. The link to the lesson is here : https://whiterosemaths.com/homelearning/year-5/   You will need to click ‘Week 4 , Lesson 2’. We are looking at equivalent fractions This is considering which fraction has the same VALUE as another. It does not mean the same, but the same value. Remember, that whatever we do to the top (the numerator), we must do to the bottom (the denominator). In class, we often drew an arrow between the two fractions to help us work out what had changed, and wrote that down eg x2. This told us that if the denominator had been multiplied by two, then the numerator must follow. Here is an example:

3/6 is equivalent to 6/12.      If we look at the numerator 3, it has been multiplied by 2 to make 6. Therefore, it follows that the denominator 6 has to be multiplied by 2 to make 12.

We know that fractions are tricky for some – so don’t worry – just have a go!



What is the value of the 2 in each number?   121,608   ,   2.08   ,   16.02  ,   8268

Round these numbers to the nearest 10,100 and 1000 :     12,009         784         14,991

How much change do I get from £10 ?   Pears 42p,  Bananas £1.02 ,  Magazine 545p , Milk 88p.

True or false? I have 41 cake boxes and 288 cakes. Each box holds 7 cakes. I definitely have enough boxes to hold all of my cakes.

What is the product of 2 squared add 3 cubed?


Lesson 3: https://www.thenational.academy/year-5/english/persuasive-letter-identifying-the-features-of-a-text-year-5-wk3-3#slide-1

Today’s lesson will be with Mrs Blake and you will be looking at the features that make up a successful persuasive letter – I wonder if you can remember what you used in your deforestation letters? Listen to Mrs Blake’s ‘WAGOLL’ (what a good one looks like) and see what features you can spot that are persuasive. You might want to create your own Success Criteria in your notebooks based on what features Mrs Blake reveals to you (just like we do in class). This might help you when it comes to the independent task, which once finished, can be checked alongside Mrs Blake’s answers. Remember to practise your spellings – why don’t you choose a different strategy today?

Afternoon – PE

Today is National Numeracy day; a day to celebrate maths in our everyday life! When you sit and think about it, we use maths in so many different ways each day. We have two tasks for you today – one linked to PE and Maths, and one linked to Maths on its own.

Task 1 – A nice and easy PE challenge today that will keep you active but will also get your brains working! Your task is to throw a ball (or something you can catch, like a pair of socks!) up in the air and rather than counting in ones, we want you to count using your times tables! You could start easy with your 2s, 5s, and 10s then see if you can challenge yourself with the others! I wonder if you can get up to 12 x 12!

Task 2 – If you feel like you need a little rest from PE today, you could get your mathematical skills working instead! Think about your favourite meal and find the ingredients on a supermarket website (like https://groceries.asda.com/). Note down the prices of each ingredient and then use your column addition skills to find the total price. Could you find out what your change would be from £20? If you can’t access a supermarket website, you could make up your own prices!

Read and Relax

There is no enjoyment like reading – you can go anywhere, with anyone and do anything! Let us know in the comments if you are reading something exciting at the moment 📚. Finding even just 15-20 minutes a day is really important to keep up 😊.

Have a lovely day, Mrs Berry and Miss Ornsby xxx

Year 6

Wednesday 13th May

Did you enjoy Toon Tuesday for our PE afternoon yesterday?

Joe Wickes will be ready to wake you up with your 30 minute morning PE lesson on his YouTube channel.

Today’s tasks:

Maths 9:30-10:30am

From now on we need both our Arithmetic book and your Maths homework book – which you put in your pack. Arithmetic book – Page 47 and Homework Book – Pages 36 then 3D Shape work in Homework Book pages 68 and 69.

Mrs Moorhead’s Maths

All of your questions are on today’s PowerPoint so you need your red maths book to complete your working out and answers. Today you are focussing on multiplication and division.

English SPaG 11:00 – 11:45

Today we need Punctuation book pages 28,29,30 focussing on dashes and brackets along with the PowerPoint.

Guided Reading 11:45 – 12:15pm

Non – Fiction Book – Read ‘The Great Wall of China’. Page 33. Tasks on the PowerPoint and then. Pages 40 and 41.


PE Week Day Three – Have you seen our logo hunt yet?

Today is National Numeracy Day…

We’ve named it: Make it Count!

There are a variety of activities for you to choose from – they are a combination of PE AND Numeracy…

You can complete as many as you wish – as long as you have fun doing so.

  • Use a measuring jug to measure out the amount of water you drink today to keep you hydrated during your PE activities. At the end of the day remember to add the amounts together.
  • Measure the distance you can jump, hop or skip.
  • Complete a football challenge such as:

How many toe-taps can you do in one minute?

How many keepy-ups can you do in one minute?

Share your own football challenge? What can you do? What can you challenge your peers to do?

  • Make a healthy drink by measuring out a range of different juices and mixing them together – a ‘mocktail’.
  • Play a game which involves money e.g. Monopoly or Football Billionaire

😊 Please share your pictures in our Year 6 daily Facebook post.

Happy Wednesday Year 6 – Love Miss Parkin and Miss Reay.


Nurture and Inclusion

Wellbeing Wednesday – 13th May

Welcome to Week 3 of Wellbeing Wednesday’s with Miss Tuart and Mrs Cox.  Our theme for this week is ‘Hopes and Dreams’. ❤️

This week, Mrs Cox and her gorgeous granddaughter Willow, have made a beautiful dream catcher to catch their hopes and dreams. Just because things are different at the moment, it doesn’t stop us from having hopes and dreams – no matter how big or small. Take a look at the video and have a go at making your own – we would love to see them!

Please share photos of anything you have been doing at home, that you think fits with any of our Wellbeing Wednesday themes so far:
Hopes and Dreams
#bemorekindDon’t forget Mrs Cox is in school today and is available to take calls from parents/carers – please use this if you would like any advice, support or even a friendly voice to chat to. Similarly, please be assured that you can contact school any day of the week – we are always here to talk.We look forward to being back with you next week with our Wellbeing Wednesday update!


💙 💛