Daily Work – 02/04/20

Apr 2, 2020COVID-19


Good morning Nursery.  You continue to amaze us with your work from home.  The photographs of you making menus and looking at family photographs are simply superb – thank you! Now it’s time to wakey, wake up, rise and shine! With the people in your family. do 10 jumps in each room of your house.  Count each jump to make sure you do 10. If jumping is too easy why not try hopping or doing star jumps? Put your hand on your chest and see how you feel after the exercises you have been doing.

In the afternoon look at Cbeebies – Numberblocks https://www.bbc.co.uk/cbeebies/shows/numberblocks

Watch ‘number two’ and with your grown up, find two spoons, two shoes, two socks, two hats, two books, two toys, two cups.  Good work – now you know about the number two.  Can you practice drawing it in the air then onto some paper/sand/steam on the shower screen and paper?

If you can, work on your ‘eggcellent eggs’ for tomorrow too. We’re excited to look see your ideas. As always, play and have fun, fun, fun!


Good morning Reception! We hope you all slept well and are up and raring to go for the day.  Thank you again for all of your comments and photographs yesterday, we really do love seeing them all! Seeing how hard you’re working and seeing your smiling faces brings smiles to our faces too.

This morning’s task is for you to go on Phonics in Bloom and complete some phonics games that we do in the classroom. Here is the link  https://www.phonicsbloom.com/  Look out for alien words and remember your green and red words too. Perhaps you could make some of your own alien words on paper/card (these are made up words which can be sounded out eg: zan)

An idea for this afternoon:

We have enjoyed making obstacle courses in our outdoor area. This afternoon your task is to go into your garden and make your own obstacle course. This could include going under and over equipment; throwing and catching a ball and jumping over objects. Ask your grown-ups to join in too! If the weather is poor or you are unable to go into a garden, see if you can make an obstacle course inside. We would love to see your ideas!

Don’t forget your ‘eggcellent eggy’ creations for tomorrow too.

Mrs Cassidy and Miss Cavanagh.

Year 1

MorningWloved seeing your pictures from yesterday’s tasks and hope you had a fun day!  

Maths Task
For your Maths task today, we’d like you to have a go at the ‘One More One Less’ sheet in your pack. As a starter, we’d love you to count to 50 forwards and backwards with Jack Hartmann:
Thfirst question asks you to ‘circle the number that is one more than the amount below’. Remember, when we add one more the number gets bigger… when we subtract one the number gets smaller. You can use a hundred square to help you (you can find these on Google). 
Then you can give this game a try. From the ‘One more or less’ column, you can choose which level of difficulty. https://www.topmarks.co.uk/learning-to-count/chopper-squad 

English Task
Remember to tune in to join your speed sounds lesson online:
Miss Thompson’s group – Set 1
Mrs O’Hara and Mrs Harm’s groups – Set 2
Miss Bunce, Miss Jobey and Mrs Neve’s groups – Set 3 

In your pack, you have a Fingerspelling sheet. This shows you how to sign the letters of the alphabet! We talked about sign language as one of the many different languages people might use and we know lots of you were very keen to learn! We’d like you to try and learn to spell your name. There are also lots of other things online to help you learn, maybe your grown-up could help you find something if you wish to practise more? This video might be a good start:

Afternoon Task
You may have already started decorating your egg for the #BeMoreKind egg contest. We’d like you to continue with this today; we have already seen some fantastic designs posted by your grown-ups!

When you finish this, we’d love you to choose your favourite song and create a short dance routine. You could even use some of the sequences we learnt in PE!  If you need a bit of inspiration go to: https://family.gonoodle.com/ they have lots of guided dance videos. You can also access this through YouTube, just type ‘GoNoodle guided dance’. 
Big smiles!
Miss Bunce and Miss Thompson 

Year 2

It’s Thursday, Year 2! We hope that you are having a lovely week so far. Thank you to everyone that has added a comment or a photo to this week’s posts – they have put huge smiles on our faces.

Maths – we’ve done lots of addition so far so now it is time for the inverse…subtraction! Today we are starting with ‘Subtracting ones from 2-digit numbers’ and ‘Subtracting tens from 2-digit numbers’ on pages 12 and 13. Don’t forget to do the ‘quick start’ question at the top of the page – it’s one question to work out in your head as a warm up! The first 4 questions (on page 12) and the all of page 13 do not need any borrowing but you might want to use column method to make sure that you’re subtracting correctly (start with the ones). Once you’re on to question 5 (page 12) you will need to borrow! Remember to cross the tens number out carefully! If you’re finding this really tricky, stick to questions 1-4 on page 12 and all of page 13. Once you’re done, remember to tick the box at the bottom to record how confident you’re feeling with subtraction so far.

English – We’ve done reading, spelling and writing this week already so we’re going to do some more reading comprehension today. In your packs, you will find either ‘The Rubbish band’ or ‘A Summer Holiday.’ For those of you with ‘The Rubbish band,’ we’d like you to complete questions 1-14. For those of you with ‘A Summer Holiday,’ we’d like you to complete both sides of the sheet. Remember to read the question first (often reading aloud helps too) and to underline key words to help you answer the questions.

Afternoon – It’s a little bit of history today, Year 2. We’ve set you a ‘2Do’ on Purple Mash all about Florence Nightingale, who we were learning about in school. The task will recap some of the information about Florence’s life that we already knew. You might want to make some notes as you watch. Afterwards, you can make a poster to tell others about Florence and her life. Why do we remember her? Include some of the facts that you have learned and other important information about the changes she made to nursing. Remember to save it with your name and home task 2 e.g. ‘Miss Jobey home task 2.’ If you don’t have access to the Internet, you can make a poster to explain why nurses are important and what they must do to be a good nurse (think about: do they need to be kind? Do they need to listen? What things might they do to treat people?). We can’t wait to read them!

You might also want to continue to make your #BeMoreKind egg contest this afternoon. Everyone is looking forward to seeing your designs. Remember to read for 15 minutes, get your hearts beating faster with Joe Wicks at 9am and smile! You’re all doing so well.

From Mrs Bainbridge and Miss Jobey

Year 3

Year 3 Tasks Thursday 2nd April 2020

Hello everyone! We can’t believe we haven’t seen you in almost 2 weeks but we’ve really enjoyed reading your work and checking your scores on Purple Mash as well as your Accelerated Reader quizzes and Times Table Rockstars. It’s good to see so many of you working hard. If you haven’t had a chance to go on these things yet, please do! We’re missing you and this gives us a good idea of what you’ve been doing. Don’t forget, you can add a photo of something you’ve been doing in the comments below too!

Task 1

Maths – Find the small sheet that says ‘One and Two Step Problems’ at the top. Read each part of the problems very carefully. What does each part need you to do. Think about what you need to work out first, then what is next and what must you do last. Don’t miss out any important information! Use the squared paper in your pack on which to solve the problems.

Challenge – try writing some 2-step problems for your grown-ups to solve then ‘mark’ their work for them 😊

Task 2

English – Log on to Purple Mash to complete the 2do ‘The Dog and the Ball’. For this job, you need to change the sentence between simple past tense and the present perfect tense, e.g. The dog played with the ball (simple past) à The dog has played with the ball (present perfect). Play the game a few times to become more accurate then write some sentences in your blue writing book to practise these two tenses.

Task 3

RE – Find the storyboard sheet in your pack about ‘The Resurrection of Jesus’. Read the story with a grown up. For each part of the story, draw a picture to show what is happening, including the feelings of the people involved.

This afternoon it would be lovely to show your grown-ups what you have learnt to say in French. Can you tell them your name and ask them theirs? Remember comment t’appelles tu is ‘What is your name’ and Je m’appelle………..is ‘my name is…’.  You could then have a look at the number song we have learnt on youtube and show your grown-ups. Can they count to 10 in French? Test them.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lsc3qLMaCu8

Year 4


Good morning Year 4!  We hope you enjoyed getting creative yesterday.   Another week nearly over, we are so proud of you all for working your socks off at home!  We really miss hearing your stories and sharing news, so please keep a note of everything that you get up to at home, ready to share when we return to school!

Your tasks:

Remember to tune into Joe Wicks at 9am for a workout to wake up your brains!

Maths -This morning we would like you to complete Maths activity 6. Take your time to read the question and use the space provided to show your working out. Remember what we always say, give each question a go but if you are really stuck then don’t worry about it, just move on to the next one.  After you have finished, I wonder if you could look through the paper with a grown up and ask them to help you mark it.

EnglishWhat did you decide to create yesterday? We can’t wait to find out! Now, we would like you to complete English activity 4, have fun! Use your success criteria in your pack to help you. You could post aphotograph of your instructions in the comments box for other children to try and create your model!

Afternoon tasks After all that writing, you must need a break!  To start your afternoon, we would like you to complete workout 3 from the P.E section(https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pnKCGY9ZocA)

After this, we would like you to move onto your Geography task. Remember to record your facts in your homework book.

Enjoy your day, we miss you Year 4!

Year 5

Happy Thursday Year 5! The week is flying by and we hope you are managing to keep fit and healthy with the daily PE session. Mrs Berry and Miss Ornsby are still very sore!! As Easter is rapidly approaching, if you haven’t done so already, be sure to check out our #bemorekind Easter Egg design competition posted recently. Grown-ups can be involved too!

Thursday 2nd April

  • Your Maths task today is to complete the ‘Mixed numbers to improper fractions’ worksheet. Remember our method in class – multiply the whole by the denominator and then add the numerator.  The denominator will always be the same! If you are finished – why not become the teacher and show someone in your house how to do this. You could then create them a worksheet 😊


  • Your English task today is to practise a range of spellings from your Reading Diary using the spelling activities from your pack. There are lots of additional spelling activities online that can help. Be sure to ask someone to test you and highlight any words that you are struggling on. Practise 10 at most. When you are happy with the meaning of them all – write a sentence for each of your spelling words. See if you can up level each sentence when you are finished!


Carry out some research and find out some extra facts that we haven’t learned yet in class, then design your own Terracotta Warrior on paper. If you have access to                    playdough or plasticine – why not try to sculpt your own warrior!!

If you are feeling creative there are lots of recipes for creating your own playdough online – this is an example that you can use :  https://www.google.com/search?q=easy+playdough+no+cook&rlz=1C1CHBD_en-GBGB865GB865&oq=easy+playdough+no+&aqs=chrome.0.0j69i57j0l6.4835j0j4&sourceid=chrome&ie=UTF-8

Word of the day is : Salvaging – rescuing things from a wreckage, accident or bad situation.

Why not 1) Spell the word using a pyramid      2) Write the word in different tenses using a new sentence for each example.

3) Find out which words come before and after this in the dictionary.

Please make sure to keep the pictures coming – it is fantastic to hear from you all. One last thing – Don’t forget to continue our battle on TTRS. Let’s do this! 😉

Stay safe, Mrs Berry and Miss Ornsby xxxx

Year 6

Thursday 2nd April

Year 6, here is another fun fact today share! On this day in 1973 the first mobile phone call was made in New York City!

9am – Joe Wicks PE

9:30 – 10:30: Maths Arithmetic pages 19 and 20 Main (Number, Ratio & Algebra book) page 14,15,16. Mrs Moorhead’s group: Maths Arithmetic page 24 and Main (Number, Ratio & Algebra book) page 5 along with an activity in the PPT.

10:30 – 11:00: Break

11 – 11:30 SPaG task on the ppt and then page 43.

11:30 – 12:15 Guided Reading Read “ The World of Jam” in your NON fiction Reading book and then complete Pages 26,27 and 30

Afternoon –

RE – The Easter Story – watch the following clip…

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y3UKd6LQKng which explains the key events. A comic strip is available for you to download with your assignment to complete and retell the story including significant events.

Reading Plus – remember we aim for 5 reading lessons a week. Please contact school if you are unable to log on.

Read and Relax 😊 https://ukhosted72.renlearn.co.uk/2244890/