Daily Work – 01/05/20

Apr 30, 2020COVID-19


Nursery Friday 1st May

Good morning Nursery, and hello to the month of May!

It’s happy Friday with lots of singing!

We can see that lots of you have had a gorgeous and busy week at home with your families. It has been lovely to watch all of your videos and look at your photographs; they really do make us smile!

Have you found many Dunston Hill bears hiding in the windows around Dunston and nearby? We would love to know how many you have spotted.

Nursery rhyme task

To finish our ‘Reading Week’ and nursery’s week of nursery rhymes we have a grand finale! All of your teachers have chosen their favourite nursery rhyme to share with you, but they are a little different! We hope you enjoy! See if you can sing along with us.  We would love to see some videos of you joining in! We’ve also added our ‘welcome song’ with a twist. Can you spot the difference? Please remember to keep singing this at home so we can share it again when we meet.

Your only busy job today is to try and sing a nursery rhyme in your favourite place at home. If you made an instrument last week, you might want to use it to tap your own tunes to the nursery rhymes.

See if you can find Mrs Warrilow, Mrs Bootland, Mrs Cusmano and Miss Baud?



We love phonics!

Today’s set one sound is ‘j’. Can you practise making this sound and showing your grown-up? Can you try and write it too? Maybe you could make the shape of this sound in play dough or draw it in some sand or some shaving foam.

YouTube Ruth Miskin Training website:


Maths activity

We’ve been exploring shape this week and we can see some of you have enjoyed looking for circles, squares, rectangles and triangles! Today we would love for you to look for your favourite shapes around your house. Can you tell us which your favourite is? I think my favourite is a circle because I made a delicious cake and it was a circle shape! Yummy!

Here is a song to help us remember all of the shapes we’ve been thinking about this week:


Watch out next Thursday for Miss Bootland’s music session with Pinchy Parrott.  He can’t wait to see you all!

Don’t forget to check on the Facebook page for ‘3pm Story Time’. I wonder who will be reading today?

We are missing you all so much but have loved seeing all of your photos and videos; they’ve really made us smile, so thanks to you and your grown-ups! Stay safe and have a gorgeous weekend at home with your families.



Reception Friday 1st May

Good morning and Happy First day of May! Thank you for your photos and comments – we loved seeing your writing and your boats were brilliant!

Today’s story is one of Mrs Cassidy’s and Mrs Guyan’s favourite stories as it is a little bit silly 😊 We hope you enjoy it too!

Here is the link: https://youtu.be/XvxQFq5uyTo

Phonics and English:

Set one sound of the day is ‘j’ and set two sound of the day is ‘or’

We would now like you to make up and write some sentences linked to the story and the characters in Oi Frog. Can you write two sentences that rhyme? The sillier the better!

Maths: Today you will need to help the pirates out as their maths skills have become a little jumbled up! You need to find out the facts that are treasure (correct facts) and trash (incorrect facts) https://wrm-13b48.kxcdn.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/homelearning/early-years/Day-5-Night-Pirates.pdf

Today is also a new month! You created some brilliant calendars for April so perhaps you could make one for May too. How many days are there in May? How many weekends? Can you circle them? Are there any special days in May?

Reading week activities:

Well what a busy week we have had from pirates to dinosaurs and rhyming frogs!!! To finish this week, we would like you to chill out with some Cosmic Yoga. There are various ones to choose from but we liked this pirate themed one. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T_0P5grVoyg

If you would rather, why don’t you snuggle up somewhere nice and cosy and read your favourite story with your grown up.

Have a lovely weekend. 😊

Mrs Cassidy and Miss Cavanagh

Year 1

Year 1 1st May 

Happy Friday Year 1 and a HUGE Happy Birthday to Miss Bunce! We hope you are feeling the joys of spring this morning 🌼 This is the first day of May, and we’d love you to check out the post all about Meaningful May, and try to complete the calendar of activities by doing one each day. 

To start off Meaningful May, why not begin the day with some yoga all about being grateful? You will meet Coco the Butterfly on her journey 🦋🌈 What kind of things are you grateful for? Miss Bunce and Miss Thompson are grateful that they get to teach such wonderful children!

Today’s tasks:  

Maths –  It’s Numbots day! We would like you to log on to Numbots and continue your Numbot journey. How far will you get today?! Remember, accuracy is important, so make sure you concentrate!  

If you want an extra challenge, try challenges 1 and 2 from the Friday Maths Challenge using this link:  https://wrm-13b48.kxcdn.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/04/Family-Challenge-Friday-1st.pdf
Challenge 1 is linked to the fraction work we have been doing this week. However, they are intended to get everyone’s brains working, so don’t worry if your child finds these a little tricky.

English –  RWInc. Time!
Miss Thompson’s group – Set 1 
Mrs O’Hara and Mrs Harm’s groups – Set 2 
Miss Bunce, Miss Jobey and Mrs Neve’s groups – Set 3 

Zog’ on iPlayer – https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b0bwdw8y   

Today is our last day completing our ‘Zog’ tasks! 
In the book, Zog’s ‘superpower’ is being able to fly. 
Miss Bunce’s superpower would be to understand every language spoken so that she could speak to anyone in the world!
Miss Thompson’s superpower would be to teleport to anywhere in the world, so that she could visit different places and countries every day!

Your task is to transform yourself into a superhero – If you could have a superpower, what would it be, and why? We would love to see what your superpowers would be or maybe you would like to dress up as a superhero! You could write a few sentences or draw pictures to show your superpower and why you would choose it.  


We’ve loved sharing some stories and poems with you this week! Which one has been your favourite? 💜
Today is a story with one of Miss Bunce’s favourite characters 🐾 from when she was a little girl. We hope you enjoy: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zpPT-PE5af8&feature=youtu.be 

After listening to the story, we’d like you to create something for Kipper’s birthday party 🎉 🎁 🎈. This could be a party invitation, a birthday cake 🎂, a birthday card, or some decorations like bunting! 

Message from Miss Thompson: Today is also Miss Bunce’s birthday!! Could you maybe make her something too to brighten her day in isolation? ☀️ 

Well done for another fab week everyone. We hope you have a lovely weekend.
🌈 Stay safe and keep smiling 🌈
Miss Thompson and Miss Bunce x  

Year 2

Year 2     1st May

Happy Friday, Year 2! It’s the first day of May, which means the start of even more sunshine and hopefully warmer weather. We hope that you are enjoying your daily walks and enjoying some fresh air. You might have noticed more flowers blooming – we know that we have.

Let’s get active with Joe Wicks today at 9am and see what costume he is wearing today!

Daily tasks –

Maths   For today’s maths task, we’re going to play some maths games.  Here are the links:

https://www.topmarks.co.uk/maths-games/hit-the-button Click on number bonds then choose addition within 10 and then addition within 20. There is a one minute timer and when the time is up you can see your score at the bottom. Play these several times to see if you can beat your score!  Once you have finished with number bonds have a go at halves up to 20 (you need to click the orange home button to get back to the main menu). Have fun!

https://www.topmarks.co.uk/learning-to-count/place-value-basketball start with the first level 0-19 and then go through the levels as far as you feel confident but don’t go past numbers up to 99. This will use your place value knowledge – remember the long sticks are worth 10, the small cubes are worth 1. Choose the number represented by tens and ones and click on the correct basketball at the bottom of the screen.

English – Today is spelling day. We bet you are getting really good at spelling common exception words now. In your packs, you have a sheet with all of the Year 1 and Year 2 common exception words on. Stapled underneath, you’ll find a sheet called ‘Spot Mr Whoops’ Mistakes’. Read the text under where it says Activity 1 – you will notice that Mr Whoops has made some mistakes when spelling common exception words. Your job is to highlight the mistakes and then write the correct spelling of the common exception word underneath. Then use the sheet on the front to check to see if you are right.

Phonics – We don’t normally do Read Write Inc on a Friday and so today is FRED games day! Today’s game is animal themed. One person becomes Fred and Fred has to FRED-talk an animal. For example, “Fred sees a H-OR-SE.” The other person has to make the noise of the animal Fred sees! Then you can swap.

 Afternoon –

Reading Week Day 5 – Reading Week Day 5 – We hope you enjoyed listening to the story with Mrs Bainbridge yesterday. Today, you are in store for a real treat with Mrs Harm follow the link https://youtu.be/usY1rDoBmbM

Your Task Today we would like you to invent your very own sweet making machine! Mrs Harm’s invention created “Speed sensation” sweets, giving you the ability to do everything super-fast. What sweet will your machine make? How will you make it? Junk modelling, Lego, toys or will you draw it? What does each part do? We can’t wait to see your imaginative inventions! Please post your photographs.

Finished?  – Google ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory book covers’ Are you surprised to see how many there are? Which is your favourite?

If you haven’t got the story of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory at home and you would like to continue reading this, you can follow the link below and read the rest of the story to your child. You might want to start from chapter 13.


Have a great Friday, Year 2, and a super weekend. We miss you a lot and can’t wait to see you.

From Mrs Bainbridge and Miss Jobey


Year 3

Year 3 Friday 1st May

Happy Friday everyone! It’s been lovely seeing all the lovely photos you’ve been posting about reading week and the English work you’ve done. We’re missing your lovely faces! Listen to the last instalment of ‘Fantastic Mr Fox’ read by Mrs Mc here: https://youtu.be/_camUTOwLHY We hope you’ve enjoyed the story this week – we certainly enjoyed telling it 😊

Today’s tasks:

Maths  – Today we would like you to start Maths BY practising your 8 times tables on BBC Super Movers.  Use the link https://www.bbc.co.uk/teach/supermovers/ks2-maths-the-8-times-table-with-filbert-fox/z4mrhbk. I am sure you know the song and moves really well now! Then quiz your grown-ups on their 8 times tables and see if they are as good as you!

Next go onto https://whiterosemaths.com/homelearning/year-3/ Lesson 5 – Equivalent fraction (1). Do Flashback 4 first and remember to pause the video to solve the problems before the answers are shown! This lesson recaps on numerators and denominators and then focuses on equivalent fractions. Today you will learn that equivalent means equal and see which fractions are the same.  Watch the video carefully and pause it when you are told to do so. Do the questions in the activity on paper or in your book and remember you can watch the video again if you find it tricky.

English – Later on in chapter 4 of Fantastic Mr Fox, someone stood ‘jeering on a hill’ and called the newspaper. For the next week you are going to pretend that you are a newspaper reporter who is going to report on this story! Ask an adult to help you find a suitable newspaper article (there are lots available on https://www.twinkl.co.uk/newsroom ) and see if you can identify these features:

1) Headline – usually only a few words. It tries to attract the attention of the reader by telling them briefly what the story is about. What is the headline of your article?

2) By-line – who wrote the article. Who wrote your article?

3) Introduction (orientation) – summarises the main points of the article (the 5 Ws). Identify the 5 Ws:

  1. When did the incident/event happen?
  2. Who is the article about?
  3. What happened?
  4. Where did the incident/event happen?
  5. Why did it happen? or Why would the reader be interested?

4) Quotations – Sometimes a witness or person involved makes a comment about the events and this is quoted using speech punctuation. Does your article have a quote? What was said and who said it?

5) Photographs and captions –images with an explanatory sentence. Describe what images and captions your article has included.


You have all listened/read the full story of Fantastic Mr Fox. Today, we would like you to make a movie trailer for the story. Movie trailers are short video clips which advertise new movies, to encourage people to watch them at the cinema. We would like you to pretend that Fantastic Mr Fox is coming to the cinema soon and needs a trailer to be made.  There are lots of examples on the internet if you want to have a look for some before you start.

You will need to:

  • ask your siblings or grown-ups to join in
  • decide the characters you are all playing
  • you may want to wear costumes or use props which you already have at home
  • decide which parts of the story you will be acting outing out

We would love you to share these with us! See if you can get someone to take photos to post on our Facebook post.

Computing and e-safety

Once again, visit https://www.thinkuknow.co.uk/parents/jessie-and-friends-videos/ to remind yourself of the characters and the ‘Funny Tummy Song’. Draw a picture of your favourite character singing the funny tummy song. Include your favourite lyrics from the song on your drawing too. Don’t forget to post your pictures in the comments section below!

Year 4

Year 4 – Friday 1st May  

Happy Friyay!  You have worked your socks off again this week, we certainly owe you all lots of house points when we return to school!  This week we have had lots of work sent to us on PurpleMash, photographs of you making dens, lots of you taking quizzes on Accelerated Reader, fantastic scores on Times Table Rockstars, and lots more Sadly, this is the final day of Reading week, have you enjoyed it?  It certainly looks like you have had lots of fun!  What do you think the theme will be for next week?   

Start your Friday by working out alongside Joe Wicks @ 9am.  Remember that exercise is a great way to wake yourself up and start your day off positively.  

Don’t forget to tune into David Walliams at 11am to hear David Walliams read 20 minutes of ‘Fing’.  https://www.worldofdavidwalliams.com/elevenses/ 

Today’s tasks: 

Maths – How did you find the ‘Writing decimals’ unit yesterday?  Today, we would like to move onto comparing decimals.  We have spent a lot of time using the ‘greater than’, ‘less than’ and ‘equal to’ signs in classso we hope that you manage to complete this activity.  If you click on the following link and then select ‘Summer Term Week 1’ and then watch the video clip which is part of lesson 3 ‘Compare Decimals’.  It would be useful for you to open the worksheet at the same time, as the video refers to this throughout.  You could choose to print this or write the answers in your blue book.  There is also a section which shares the answers, so once you are finished you could then mark your own work. https://whiterosemaths.com/homelearning/year-4/ 

I know it has been a long time since we were in school, remember when comparing, we think about the signs like a crocodile’s mouth… The crocodile will ALWAYS ‘eat’ the biggest number.  For example, 0.12 < 0.63 – I have used the ‘less than’ sign and to help me work this out I drew a place value grid and recorded both these numbers.  I noticed that 0.63 has 6 tenths, however, 0.12 only has 1 tenth, so I knew immediately that 0.63 was the biggest number.  I then wrote these numbers next to each other and used the sign that looked as though the crocodile was eating the biggest number. 

English – We would like you to begin by looking at the words: ‘scent’ and ‘scissors’, what do you notice about the spelling of these words? 

They both include the letters ‘sc’, however, the ‘c’ is silent as when we read these words out as we only hear the ‘s’ sound.  Today we will continue to focus on spelling and we will look at words which include the letters ‘sc’ with the ‘s’ sound.  First, we would like you to click on the BBC Bitesize link and watch the first video clip.  Can you make a list of any other words that you can think of?  Record your list in your blue book.  https://www.bbc.co.uk/bitesize/topics/zt62mnb/articles/zt932nb  

Now, look at the passage below and can you pick out any words that are spelt with ‘sc’ but only make the ‘s’ sound: 

We sped silently through the snow, following the footsteps of the mysterious beasts. As we passed the edge of the forest, the dogs picked up the scent of the creatures. We plunged into the wood, scrambling up the ascent until we emerged at the top of the hill. The scene before me was fascinating. The animals were spread out in a crescent shape across the plain, perfect for filming. The scientists back at base would be thrilled with these pictures, I thought as I unpacked my cameras. 

How many words did you find?  

Now, we would like you to go back on BBC Bitesize and complete the highlighting activity to find the 5 spellings mistakes.  Once you have found them all, could you please copy out the passage into your books with the correct spelling of these words.https://www.bbc.co.uk/bitesize/topics/zt62mnb/articles/zt932nb 

Afternoon tasks: 

Reading – To finish off Reading week, Mrs Donaldson has a lovely story to share with you called ‘Daisy Saves the Day’ by Shirley Hughes.  Before listening to the story, we would like you to pause the video at the very beginning and start by looking at the front cover.  What do you think this story will be about?  How do you think Daisy will save the day?  Ok, once you have made your predictions, sit back and enjoy the story!  https://youtu.be/QoEwlVHcT5w 

Was your prediction correct? 

Activity 1 – After listening to the story, we would like you to create your own book review.  Did you enjoy the story?  Is it similar to a one that you have read in the past?  Did you enjoy the ending?  Can you think of an alternative ending?   Please check your email as attached is a book review template which might help you get started.  We would love for you to share your reviews in the comments below! 

Activity 2 – Now we would like you to become an illustrator. Look at the front cover of the story that Mrs Donaldson has just read, what can you see?  What is included on the front cover?  We would like you to create an alternative front cover for this story.  You could choose to draw this using: pencils, paint, crayons, or using anything else that you have available at home.  You may decide to draw your cover on PurpleMash.  We can’t wait to see your designs. 

Although Reading week has come to an end, your reading journey does not stop here!  Continue to read, tick off your ‘Book Bingo’ and complete quizzes.  Remember ‘Reading gives us somewhere to go when we have to stay where we are!’ 

We hope that you have a lovely weekend… Miss Whaley and Miss Conway 😊 X 


Year 5

Year 5 -Friday 1st May

Happy Friday Year 5! 💖 Well done for yet another week of home learning! It’s been lovely to see and hear what you have been up to and we hope you have thoroughly enjoyed being part of our Reading week. I wonder what fun next week will bring! Who’s dressed up for Joe this morning? Get ready for your 9am workout to begin your day…

Today’s Tasks


Today’s lesson is from a different week however will follow the same format. You can access here https://whiterosemaths.com/homelearning/year-5/

You will need to click into ‘Week 2’ and it is ‘Lesson 1 – Rounding decimals’. Watch the video carefully and feel free to pause or rewind as usual. Remember the rounding rule: numbers ending in 1,2,3 or 4 round down (stay the same) and numbers ending in 5,6,7,8 or 9 round up. Use the same method we do in school: 1) Find out what you are rounding to (nearest tenth, nearest one (whole number) etc). 2) Underline the number in that column. 3. Put a circle around the number to the right. 4. If it is a 1,2,3 or 4, the number rounds down (stays the same) and if it is a 5,6,7,8 or 9 the number rounds up by 1. 5) You don’t need to add a zero this time as we are working with decimals therefore it will have no value if there are no numbers after it.


Round to the nearest 10: 23, 89, 128, 747, 3, 492

Round to the nearest 100: 10, 388, 2, 122, 34, 587

Round to the nearest 1000: 209, 4, 888, 83, 981, 24, 675


Last lesson of the week! This is where you can pull together all of your learning this week to help with your final writing task of writing a setting description!

Your link is here: https://www.thenational.academy/year-5/english/setting-description-write-a-setting-description-year-5-wk1-5/

The lesson starts with the spelling quiz – so pens at the ready! If you haven’t learned these – just move past this section of the video. You will be given some support to write about your setting by thinking about our senses (see / hear / smell / taste) and also thinking about the time period that it is set in.

You do not have to use the setting suggestions from the lesson – you could use an idea of your own, or one from a something that you have listened to this week as part of our reading activities.

Use the slides on the ‘Main Task’ to help you. Again – this can’t be marked but you can use the suggestions given by the teacher in his example to help you. Be very proud and share it with someone! Well done 😊


Afternoon – Reading

We know you all are huge fans of David Walliams and are always sharing his books within class. Have a listen to Miss Ornsby read the beginning of ‘The Boy in the Dress’ in today’s video : https://youtu.be/KA4IjKVfKGA  You will find out all about Dennis, a young boy, who seems a little sad after he loses all the photographs of his Mum in a huge bonfire but… he manages to save one. One he looks at secretly every…single…day….

Your task today is to imagine that you could only save one of your family photographs… which one would it be? Spend some time with an adult looking through old photographs from when you were a baby up until now! Once you have chosen your special photo, use your artistic skills to recreate a drawing of your precious memory. You could even draw a decorative frame around it and put it on display. We would LOVE to see your creations in the comments so please post them for us to see 😊

Once you have finished, you could cosy up and spend the rest of your afternoon watching the film adaptation of The Boy in the Dress. You can watch this here: https://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/b04w7pgj/the-boy-in-the-dress

Read and Relax

A huge thank you and well done for being part of our reading week and for finding quiet time in your day to enjoy a good book! 📚 Reading is super important for lots of reasons: it can help you learn new vocabulary, it can help you to become more fluent, it can take you on an adventure, it can help you focus, it can inspire you … the list is endless! Remember, you can continue to quiz on Accelerated Reader here: http://www.dunstonhillcps.co.uk/

 Have a wonderful weekend with your family Year 5 – we really miss you all and can’t wait to chat again on Monday. Sending hugs, Mrs Berry and Miss Ornsby xxx

Year 6

Year 6 Friday 1st May

Miss Parkin and Miss Reay are NOT ON LINE today as they are preparing your work for online learning next week! You can still go on Teams to discuss work with your friends and access the links and assignments for the afternoon Reading Task.

It has been another great week on “Teams” and you should be very proud of how competent you have become at being independent learners. Once again, thanks for all your photographs on Facebook – it is lovely to see you as well as speak to you on Teams.

Today is intended for you to work flexibly on any lessons you may have missed ( all ppts and answers are in the chat – you will need to scroll up) as well as some consolidating games, mini activities and our final Reading Week Task – there are some great choices today!

At 9am Joe Wickes will be ready to wake you up with your 30 minute morning PE lesson on his YouTube channel.


On-line games relating to this week’s focus:









Mrs Moorhead’s Maths – you will need to use your squared Maths book to do your working out.

Games you can access online (based on this week’s learning):



Guided Reading

Reading Plus for 30 minutes – On Monday we will share Mrs Moorhead’s analysis of the week 😊


Hakuna Matata… what a wonderful phrase! One of the most famous meerkats is Timon from the Lion King. Spend some time today being like Timon and Pumba relaxing, singing or dancing to their songs ( please don’t get and grubs or bugs though!)




Reading Afternoon

Reading week day 5

Click here: https://youtu.be/yGrcF3l_bbY  to hear Miss Reay read ‘In Flanders Fields’ by John McCrae

Activities – choose at least one activity from the list provided…and remember to proudly post your work on today’s Facebook page:

  • Learn the poem to read aloud and to perform, showing understanding through intonation, tone and volume so that the meaning is clear to an audience.
  • Create a poppy using paper, playdough or any other resources you have available
  • Research and recreate some of McCrae’s war medals
  • Create your own war medal. What is it called? What is it awarded for?
  • Gather and collate pictures of war memorials (locally and nationally) then create a collage
  • Write your own war-inspired poem.

Have a great Friday – keep us updated on Facebook – from Miss Parkin and Miss Reay 😊