Dunston Goes Tech

Here at Dunston Hill we are fortunate to boast a dedicated ICT suite of 30 pcs, 15 classrooms and a further 6 teaching areas which have their own whiteboard, projector, laptop and visualiser to support teaching and learning. Including iPads and kindles we have over 200 devices (of various ages) in which to maintain and replace.  Additional to this we have costs to maintain wi-fi connectivity, servers, licences, offsite back-ups, software to support the curriculum etc. 

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Dunston Goes Green

Since the school was opened in 2008 we have committed a huge amount of resources to create a fantastic environmental area to ensure that our pupils have access to green space in a safe and relaxing environment. The area has vegetable and flower beds, a small orchard, pond, fire pit and cosy corners for pupils to investigate and work in. Pupils plant beetroot, courgettes, herbs, lettuce, peas and radishes, which are sold to enable us to buy further resources for our environmental area. 

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Sportswear Sponsors

Wearing team kits to sporting events has helped to create a sense of pride in school and allows all children to feel part of the same community.  We have also seen that there has been a positive influence on our children’s attitudes, behaviour and professionalism when representing our school

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