Weekly Awards

We present a range of awards, certificates and trophies during our weekly celebration assemblies on a Friday afternoon and the names of the recipients are shared with the school community in our weekly newsletter.

Headteacher’s Special Certificate

The Headteacher’s special certificate is awarded to children who consistently display and demonstrate the qualities we associate with successful learners and responsible  citizens. Each class teacher will nominate one of their children to receive the award and will provide a written statement outlining the reasons why they have chosen them.


Headteacher’s Special Class Certificates

The Headteacher’s Special Class Certificates are awarded to one class in the Foundation Stage / Key Stage 1 and to one class in Key Stage 2 whose children during the course of the week have collectively adhered to our code of conduct and followed our golden rules during playtime and lunchtime. The two classes also receive an extra playtime the following week.

Class Attendance Certificates

The Class Attendance Certificates are awarded to the two classes (one in the Foundation Stage / Key Stage 1 and one in Key Stage 2) who achieve the highest attendance for the previous week. The two classes also each receive a trophy and an extra playtime. Our whole school target is 96% or more which we monitor and aim to meet each week.

House Points

The children in Key Stage 2 are assigned to one of our four house teams, namely, Alnwick, Bamburgh, Durham or Lambton, when they first start in Year 3. Each week they can earn points for their respective house teams by producing good work and displaying good behaviour which their class teachers will acknowledge. The points are tallied up and the winning house team receives a large trophy which is presented to the two Year 6 house captains.