6R Presents…’The Jungle Book’ Puppet Show!

We are re-creating our favourite scene from 'The Jungle Book' so we can perform our very own puppet show later today. We are creatively making puppets, scenery and props! Can't wait for 'Show...

Using scaling-up to create our signs for the Summer Fayre!

In preparation for our stalls at the Summer Fayre (in school) on Friday 7th July, we have applied our mathematical skills with regard to 'scaling-up' and created signs to clearly state what we will be selling. We hope this are obvious and clear for you to spot on the...

Head Teacher’s Award

Congratulations to Jack for receiving the Head Teacher's Award on Friday, 23rd...

Y5/6 Sports’ Day

We certainly had fun at our Sports' Day. Everyone did themselves proud and the weather was dry yet cool! :-)...

It’s like a Zoo!

Rehearsals are well underway for our upcoming UKS2 production of The Jungle Book. It is like a zoo here: monkeys dancing, elephants marching, snakes slithering and tigers singing. It is wonderful to see our children sharing their many talents and committment to making...

Here we are!

Our school


Welcome to class 6R!smiley-face 

 Welcome to our class page where you will be kept up-to-date with events in school and in particular, our class.



 Well done everyone – you have worked incredibly hard this year and should be extremely proud of your achievements! 🙂

Here’s to a wonderful finale to Year Six! 🙂

Our topic this term is…

…this coincides with our end of year performance….

‘The Jungle Book’

I’m looking forward to seeing more of your fab creative homework.


Creative Homework Check 3








The following websites might prove useful this term so please take a look. They may support science or elements of maths and English:









Please remember your PE kit as well as warm and practical clothing for our Forest School.

As our swimming lessons ceased at February half-term I would like to add…

CONGRATULATIONS to everyone in our class, who can now all swim a minimum of 25 metres!!!!!! 🙂

Dates for the diary:

Wednesday, 17th May: Puberty Talk with school nurse

Friday, 19th May: VE-Day celebrations

Monday, 22nd May: Creative Homework Check 2

Wk beginning Monday, 29th May: Half Term holiday

Monday, 12th June: Creative Homework Check 1

Friday, 16th June: French Day

Tuesday, 20th June: Y5/6 Sports Day

Monday, 26th June: Creative Homework Check 2

Thursday, 6th July: Y5/6 Production

Friday, 7th July: Summer Fayre

Wk beginning Monday, 10th July: Kingsmeadow and Emmanuel Transition days

Wednesday, 19th July: Y6 Leavers’ Assembly

Thursday, 20th July: Break up for Summer! 🙂



To conclude our work with time, which has included: interpreting timetables; calculating time intervals and using a number line to help with jottings, we worked with our partner to investigate and solve some problems. These problems included: identifying the missing hands on the clock; working out how many times the number 5 appears on a 12-hour and 24-hour clock; how many times in 24 hours the time appears with consecutive numbers e.g. 1:23, 2:34, 4:56 etc and calculating the time for various car journeys.



We investigated this question in science this week.

We worked with a partner to create circular holes of the same size in 4 pieces of card. In a fifth piece of card we drew a bull’s eye – the same size as the holes. Next, we used Plasticine to hold the pieces of card up on our table and ensured each piece of card was 20 cm apart. Finally, we shone our torch through the holes in the card which ultimately shone perfectly on the bull’s eye thus proving that light does indeed travel in straight lines and we have the pictures to prove it!


We enjoyed wearing our pyjamas all day on Thursday, to celebrate World Book Day. We also enjoyed reading with our Year One children in the Environmental Area…

NSPCC: Speak out, Stay safe workshop.

Representatives from the NSPCC visited us this week to discuss with us what to do if we are troubled or upset by anything/anyone. They reminded us that we can talk to a trusted adult at any time OR call Childline on 0800 11 11.

For further information, visit their website: www.childline.org.uk.


After learning about rationing and which items were rationed…                                          …it was time to do some baking using rationed ingredients…….carrot cookies were on the menu and we had fun making them however….we are grateful rationing isn’t in place today.


This half-term, we have enjoyed using ‘Scratch’ to create a heroes versus villains game. The hero was victorious of course and the children not only created their own sprites (characters) and added appropriate backgrounds, they also included text and narration. Well done everyone!


This week in English, we used our imagination to create something unique and interesting.

Once this was accomplished, we planned then wrote a non-chronological report about our creation. It included of course the key features as well as subject-specific vocabulary.


CATAS-TROPHY at Dunston Hill Community Primary School!

Our children have been reporting the break-in and theft of our beloved trophies this week. YES…they have written a newspaper report including the key details as well as quotes from witnesses and of course their journalistic language!

Well done 6R – a career in journalism could be waiting for you! 🙂

To conclude our current topic, we have been making structures which we hope will withstand an Earthquake.

To test this, we will place a 250g weight on the structure and shake it for approximately 7 seconds.

We wonder which structure will survive and be the best!

What could the secret possibly be?

During our English lessons, we have been looking at ‘Flashbacks’. As these are created by a trigger which then takes you from the present day to back in the past and the flashback, the children were given some potential ‘triggers’ which they could include when writing their own flashback.