Dazzling (and scary) Autumn Disco!

Wow! From horrible, headless costumes (it took us a minute to work out just who was under the costume!) to masked thrill-seekers, cute cats and just fabulous disco dancers - we had it all at the Autumn Disco! An amazing effort made by all and it was clear that the...

Junior Librarian!

On Thursday, the children had a revision of our new Junior Librarian scheme in school. We talked about the importance of reading (especially in Years 5 and 6) and why looking after our books is important. Almost all of the children expressed frustrations about picking...

Edible Phases of the Moon!

Today's science lesson took an interesting turn! We've been looking at space (the Earth, Sun and Moon to be exact) and how our planets interact. Last week, it was shadows and the Earth's rotation on its axis and revolutions around the Sun. This week, our attention...

Mayan number hunt!

Can you follow the clues? Can you crack the code? Can you read Mayan numerals? After learning all about the ancient Mayan number system (which is a base 20 system, unlike our base 10), the children completed an orienteering-style activity to put their new...

Bienvenue! Wilkommen! Welcome! It has been a fantastic first week and a bit in Year 5, as the children have settled in extremely well! It’s a big jump up into Upper Key Stage Two but the children have coped maturely and with big smiles on their faces, which has been lovely to see! I can’t wait for our year to properly begin!

Miss Jobey

Creative Homework Deadline!








A week in the life of Year 5…

We have enjoyed reading our new story, ‘This is NOT a fairytale’ and discussing all of the various, interesting characters; we have looked a numbers in countless different ways for our maths unit on place value; then, we pondered space and what we could discover about the Earth, Moon and Sun; before travelling back in time to look at the Mayans and just why should we even know about them? Spoiler: they were very, very important (and interesting, too)! As well as all of the time, we even squeezed in a bit of forest school time, which the children all love – as you can see, with them standing proudly in their dens! As I said, a fantastic but very busy week, which I hope has set the tone for the rest of the term (year!) ahead.

Quick reminders for the children to have their PE kits in on a Monday (for the whole week), along with homework on the check point Mondays, as outlined on their homework grid. Every Wednesday for three terms, the children in 5J will also be swimming (which is very exciting) so please ensure swimming towels and costumes are packed ready for their Wednesday swim!

The children will also need to bring in their reading diaries, with three signed entries from an adult at home, weekly to be signed in school! Reading books will be coming shortly…

Phew! First week done and the children have settled in brilliantly. We have definitely ‘hit the ground running’!

Miss Jobey