Science Week

This week was Science Week and the theme this year is 'Journeys'. Our main focus was the journey of a bee and how its role in the pollination of flowers. Children made resources and took on the role of a bee or the flower, creating the stamens with the...

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Welcome to the Inventing Room!

As we were out on our trip for the official World Book Day, we decided to have our own Year 3 Book Day instead. After reading Charlie and the Chocolate Factory's chapter about the Inventing Room, we became sweetie inventors ourselves! Each child invented a...

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Judo Fun!

We had great fun learning some basic Judo moves with some experts. We felt fit and had a great time practising the different moves with our partners. Don't forget to use the flier you got to find out where and when you could join a Judo group near...

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Healthy Hearts

The children in 3M had a great afternoon with Bike It Ben. We found out about the 3 main things we can do to keep our heart healthy and avoid getting coronary heart diseases later in life. These were: keep exercising; avoid drugs, alcohol and nicotine; and...

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What a busy few weeks we’ve had in the new year! The boys and girls have settled back very well indeed and thrown themselves into their learning with gusto. 

Keep up the hard work everyone, and don’t forget your creative homework and reading books!

Important things to remember:

  • PE kits should be in school all week, taken home at the weekends for washing. Our current PE days are Wednesday and Thursday. Please ensure your child has outdoor PE kit – hoodie/jumper, tracksuit bottoms/leggings. We are currently doing rugby which takes place outside.
  • Reading – your child needs to show they have read AT LEAST 3 TIMES  each week, with one of the signatures/comments in their book being from an adult that has heard them read. The other comments can be from your child, saying which page they’re up to and what they have enjoyed or are finding difficult. Their reading diary needs to be in school EVERY DAY. 
  • Creative homework – our creative homework checks for this term are: 21.1.19 and 11.2.19
  • Art/painting – as you may be aware, school budgets are stretched very tight at the moment and we have a very limited number of painting aprons in school ,particularly for Key Stage 2. Because of this, we are suggesting that children bring in an old T-shirt/shirt etc to wear over the top of their uniform to avoid spillages.
  • No jewellery except a watch. Earrings must be taken out before school to avoid any injuries.
  • Water bottles – your child should bring a bottle in on Mondays and take it home to be washed on Fridays. Cups are provided if your child has forgotten their bottle but this is not the most hygienic way to do it.
  • ENJOY SCHOOL! If we follow our golden rules and show care and respect for all, we’ll have a great time.

Times Tables!

We have been learning our 3, 4 and 8 times tables this year, in addition to the 2, 5 and 10 times tables learnt in year 2. 

We’ve found a great way to help us! We’re learning them with a variety of characters from the BBC. 

Here’s the link if you wanted to practise some more at home

Please find our Spring Term Curriculum Overview below.

Spring Term Overview y3 2019