Making Mountains in 3M

We have been learning about how, when 2 of the earth's tectonic plates move together, mountains can be made. We explored moving different materials together in different ways to see what results we'd get, just as if different rocks and earth were moved...

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Toasted Pumpkin Seeds

As promised, boys and girls, here is the recipe for Mrs McLean's toasted pumpkin seeds. Remember, the measurements for the herbs and spices aren't set in stone - I use whatever I fancy at the time. Paprika often gets a shake in there with the rest of them...

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Amazing Artwork

Earlier on in the term, we gave you a sneaky peek at how our self-portrait artwork was progressing. This is us mixing all the colours we need for our self-portraits from just primary colours - red, yellow and blue - and using glue to thicken paint, water...

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Musical Magic

Last half term, we worked on using an ostinato in our music - a repeated melody within a song. We linked this to some music we listened to about the story of Orpheus and how he calmed the beast in Greek mythology. Each group of children had a different...

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Forest School Hedgehog Pals

Take a look at our gorgeous hedgehogs and hedgehog homes! We used team building skills and resourced our models from natural ingredients all around us. Thanks Mrs Cox!

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Well done to everyone for coming back after half term so bright-eyed and bushy-tailed 🙂 Coming in from 9:50 has had a huge impact on the children who are now ready to start learning at 9 o’clock on the dot. We have been settled and calm for the start of our day. Thank you very much indeed for your support in making this happen – it has been invaluable.

This half term is going to be jam-packed with lovely things to learn as we embark upon our new geography topic ‘River Deep, Mountain High’ as well as beginning our sewing topic in Design Technology. Remember to check the curriculum overview for more details and don’t forget, just ask at the door if you need anything. Thanks! Mrs Mc

Important things to remember:

  • PE kits should be in school all week, taken home at the weekends for washing. Our current PE days are Tuesdays and Wednesdays but we often have changes of timetable, visitors in school etc. which means that PE may take place on different days. Please ensure your child has outdoor PE kit – hoodie/jumper, tracksuit bottoms/leggings. We are currently doing rugby which takes place outside.
  • Reading – now that we’re in Key Stage 2, we are taking on the responsibility of writing in our own reading diaries! Your child can write in their diary each time they have read, e.g. with the page numbers they got up to, but we do ask that an adult signs the diary at least once a week after hearing your child read.
  • Water bottles – your child should bring a bottle in on Mondays and take it home to be washed on Fridays. Cups are provided if your child has forgotten their bottle but this is not the most hygienic way to do it.
  • Creative homework – this has been given out for this half term and the progress check dates are on the sheet. Remember – you need to earn at least 15 points in a half term. We were so impressed with he abundance of certificates we gave out last half term for tremendous homework effort. Let’s see it again!
  • Art/painting – as you may be aware, school budgets are stretched very tight at the moment and we have a very limited number of painting aprons in school ,particularly for Key Stage 2. Because of this, we are suggesting that children bring in an old T-shirt/shirt etc to wear over the top of their uniform to avoid spillages.
  • No jewellery except a watch. Earrings must be taken out before school to avoid any injuries.
  • ENJOY SCHOOL! If we follow our golden rules and show care and respect for all, we’ll have a great time.