Snow day!

What a lovely play time we had this morning! Remember, if it's snowy like it was today, bring some wellies in so we can play in it.

Upper and Lower Case snap!

We've been doing lots of work recently on writing upper and lower case letters and making sure we know the letter NAMES too. Both classes joined together to find their partner - the upper and lower case letters. We sang the alphabet and tried it with the...

Geography – human and physical features

We have been out and about in our local environment to see what we could see. We decided that lots of the things that were features of the landscape were made by humans but lots were natural too. We found out the geographical terms for these features -...

Santa! I know him!

We had a huge hello from the big man himself on Monday when he had a bumpy landing on the roof to bring all the children their first Christmas presents. Mr Foreman was left to sort out the reindeer while Santa visited our classes. Thanks Santa!

Surprise Dance Taster Session

We were lucky enough to take part in a special dance session this afternoon. We danced to some pop songs and even did a little bit of Bollywood! Great fun was had by all!

Maths Problem Solving

Today we used our maths skills and clever thinking to solve some problems with counting. We had to work out if 4 children had enough buckets and spades to go to the beach. We needed to decide if the family on the card could fit in a 6 seater car. We needed...

I need a hero!

I need a hero! Today 1M received a note from a mysterious villain! This terrible bad guy had taken our Cinderella and, as Anthony said, we needed to rescue the princess! The note said that only a true hero could find her. So we had to prove we knew our...

Settling In

Well done to all our children! They have settled in fabulously, sharing toys and helping our new friends to get to know our school too.

Hello and welcome to 1M’s class page!

Happy New Year everyone!

We know you had a lovely Christmas and it has been lovely to see the children come back so grown up with smiles on their faces, ready to learn.

 Our new Creative Curriculum topic for this term is geography based and is called ‘Home and Away’. Lots of our creative homework is based around this topic and it is lovely to see that some children have already begun to embrace it. We’re really enjoying our new airport/travel agent role-play area. We have asked that the children bring in a photograph of somewhere they have been either for a day out or a holiday – somewhere different to here. Please ensure these are named so we can return them to you safely.


Remember, if you have any queries or concerns, our door is always open.

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Mrs McLean, Mrs Gaulton & Mrs Dalby

Handy reminders:

  • Reading Diaries should be in school every day even if your child has not read to you yet so we can comment on their reading and keep you updated about our focus for the week. Sometimes reading days will change due to circumstances.
  • PE kits should be in school everyday and stay in school until half term. PE days will usually be Wednesday and Thursday, however, these may change due to different events happening in and around school. PE kit should contain a pale blue T-shirt, black/navy shorts and appropriate footwear.
  • Water bottles – all children should have a water bottle in school that they take home on a Friday and bring back on Monday. We are trying to reduce the spread of germs and using a cup does not help this.
  • Uniform and PE kit should have your child’s name inside of each item to avoid mix-ups.



Take a look at our Curriculum Overview and our creative curriculum wheel below for information on dates and some of the themes your child will be learning this term.

Year 1 curriculum overview 2018 SPRING – HOME AND AWAY

Spring Wheel – Home and Away