Becoming More Mindful

Jun 4, 2020Latest News, PSHE

What is Mindfulness?
Mindfulness teaches us how to find some space and stillness in the midst of our busy minds and our hectic lives. During this difficult and strange time, it seems the perfect opportunity for us to practise paying attention on purpose, in the present moment with curiosity and kindness to things as they are. It helps to train your mind to: be focused, attend to the ‘here and now’, be enquiring and curious, be less judgemental and be compassionate.
Mindful colouring is a great way to relax peacefully and focus on the here and now. It helps us to concentrate and take our minds off other things just by picking up a pencil! We love your creations! Another great way to be mindful is to take in nature on a walk – collecting natural items linked to colour, smell or texture can help us to focus too.