Mysterious objects!

May 21, 2020History, Latest News

Today’s History tasks were based around sources and understanding that a source is something that has remained since a period of history in the past. Each year group chose a different source to focus on. We had:

  • Nursery
  • Reception – toys from the past
  • Year 1 – a candlestick telephone from the past
  • Year 2 –  artefacts from the Great Fire of London
  • Year 3 – an adze from the Mesolithic period
  • Year 4 – a word square from the Roman times
  • Year 5 – Viking treasure
  • Year 6 – a horse’s gas mask from World War One

Once the children found out a bit more about their sources, they were given a task. It might have been to recreate a replica of the source, think about their favourite version of the source (for example, their favourite toy) or to modernize it and make a modern-day equivalent.

Another part of our work on sources was to discuss this question:

Why do some people have statues and memorials made about them? Why does everyone not have one?

We had to share one of the responses, from Year 5. What a thoughtful answer!